Sunday, June 20, 2010

Time Lapse!

It looks like it has been over a year since I posted on here. Here's a quick list of things that quickly come to mind of things I have done since my last post:

  1. spent another 2 years with my lovely gf doing crazy things like eating ridiculously spicy ramen, and letting her drink too much on her birthdays
  2. spending time with Mandy
  3. started playing hockey
  4. joined a roller hockey team @ bladium. pandas!
  5. took part in winning a championship with the pandas in my first season
  6. took a ice hockey class
  7. taking another ice hockey class
  8. bought a Canon 7D to start taking pictures at a higher level
  9. started filming videos with the Canon 7D thanks to Philip Bloom's work using Canon DSLRs
  10. went to Japan for the first time
  11. went to Japan's premiere game show TGS for the first time
  12. went to a maid cafe in Japan wtf?
  13. ate uni in Japan for the 2nd time ever and enjoyed it this time around
  14. watched a company I joined 3 years ago with only 20ish people grow to now have almost 200 employees!
  15. watched that same company acquire 2 other companies and receive even more funding because investors belive in us
  16. being proud to be a part of that company and all the good people
  17. spending time with some of my close friends who are also co-workers
  18. going to super bowl parties, clubs, dinners, trips with my high school friends
  19. going to a freakin Street Fighter tournament
  20. got a puppy with my gf. a pomeranian named Wiki, who is pretty mischievous and loves food like Mandy does. At least, he goes to do his business outdoors now.
  21. saw a lot more of my high school friends get married and partaking in one
  22. purchased my first Apple product. An i7 15" Macbook Pro, and still pissed off by some of the retardedness of OSX. It's now for Final Cut Studio and Adobe Lightroom 3.
  23. going to SJ Sharks games

That's all for now. I suppose my twitter probably has a good chunk of what has gone on in the last 2 years. Writing up a blog definitely takes way more time than typing 140 characters at a time. It took quite a while just to look up things to link stuff up! And here's a ghetto time-lapse video I tried to make with the fog that was floating over a hill at Tomales Bay.