Thursday, November 29, 2007

Why the Wii?

It has not stopped amazing me that the Wii is still doing so well, yet in reality does not have much to offer after being in the market for a year. I can probably count all of the good games for that system on one hand for crying out loud. One of which, no one probably even heard of unless they are in tune with the higher tier gaming blogs and sites out there (Zack & Wiki). Do people really think that it's a really good system simply from what they have seen it can potentially do? Have they actually played any game besides Wii Sports (one of the better games btw)? Do they realize that the controls really aren't what they seem and more than likely a gimmick and unresponsive? I really don't think people know this. Especially the parents that go out and just buys their kids the machine. It is amazing what a little motion sensing, a brand name of Nintendo, and a cheap system using 7 year old technology can do. Hats off to Nintendo for achieving that feat. But as a note to the wise, the Wii isn't what it was cracked out to be. It's a nice change, but nothing to go apeshit over.

And after finishing Z&W, my Wii is now collecting dust again. SMG? Bleh, I think I've had enough Mario for over 10 years.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Black Friday

I decided that I needed to write down what I spent money on this month. Dell computer and 24in LCD for about 700. 42in Panasonic Plasma 1080p for about 1200. A bunch of miscellaneous stuff. Several Xbox 360 games.