Thursday, June 07, 2007

Yesterday, had a variety of games priced around $1-6 dollars. Some games were good, while others weren't so good. Obviously, because of the ridiculously good price it was probably too good to be true. I was able to checkout with over $300 in games for $30. Today, I received the email that it was cancelled because they had a price mistake. Ok fine, but seriously, what the hell are they really doing. Is this company doing some sort of fake advertising to drive page views to their shopping site or do they really stupidly mis-price their products. I heard that a week or two ago, they did nearly the same exact thing with their dvd site over at It seems to me this is some bullshit way to get people to register, input their information and buy some stuff they will just cancel because they have a disclaimer that they have the right to refuse purchases of mis-priced items.

I guess I want to say is that that is bad business, and if it's some marketing ploy, that's bad marketing because I will never ever shop from there ever again. I will also not recommend it to anyone. F that shit.

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