Friday, May 25, 2007

People Getting Together

Wow, when people I know personally are getting married, it's a pretty good sign of getting old! My dear high school buddy, and partner-in-crimebadminton, JoEllen, got married to Mr. Ben last year. My other friend from middle and high school, who I grew up playing sports with, Chris (who also happened to date JoEllen at one point, dang these two are quick) is going to be finally tying the knot with Raquel in less than two months! And a friend, s to the b, aka Johnny, who I've only met once or twice, , but have gotten to known quite well over years, will also be tying the knot with his significant other, Thao, later on this year. But wait, there's more, a cool dude I met when I worked at, Stephen, as of today, is now engaged with his long time gf, Cathy, who is equally as cool.

Congrats all of you!

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