Thursday, November 30, 2006

What a Name..

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Black Friday, New Toy, and Friends

Black Friday was really black, here's why.

What a long weekend it has been! Friday started out dark, early and freezing cold. I waited for Jerry aka Mohinder to come down to my place before heading out to Circuit City before it opened. Unfortunately, the weather slowed down our plans by forming ice on our cars. We did not get on the freeway until about 4:55AM, 5 minutes before CC opened up shop. When we got there, it became obvious that the doorbusting items were not going to be available anymore. There were over 200 people lined up outside the store, and the CC personnel only let in waves of 20 people every few minutes. When we got it, it was pure chaos inside, but I thought the nice warm interior was better than standing outside in blistering coldness. After checking out the place for a bit, we decided to leave the place since it probably would have taken 1-2 hours to even get to the cash register. We grabbed some java from the Starbucks in the area, made a quick round through Target, then headed down toward our next destination in Santa Clara, Micro Center.

When we got there, we were greeted by a line that still existed outside the store even though it had been open for over an hour before we got there. MC had the best deal out of all Black Friday deals on their HDTV sets. They were also the only store in NorCal, so it drew a very large crowd. There were supposedly over a thousand people lined up before it opened up shop. We decided to just sit in the car and rest up and let the line disperse a bit before going. Eventually, we went over to the nearby Starbucks and chilled there for a bit before standing in line. It probably took about an hour to get inside. I picked up a Xbox 360 Premium, which cost me $199 not including tax with the deal found here. There is a rebate that gives back $100. Also, if you sign up and get approved with their Visa credit card, you will get a bonus $100 cash back. While there, the wait for MC to process the Visa application was ridiculously slow. They apparently only had one person working on that and practically half the population of customers there trying to sign up for the additional $100 cash back. Multiply that with the fact that across America, it is Black Friday and there will be literally thousands of applications being processed to see if the person is approved or denied the credit card. I think we waited nearly 2-3 hours just to see if I was approved. And after that amount of time, the employee there finally called out my name, approved, and ushered to the next available check out register. It was actually exciting to finally be able to get out of that joint and go find some food for lunch. But then...

When I tried to start my car, it failed to do so. I checked the light switch, and it was clear what had happened. When we left Circuit City, the morning was still very dark and by the time we got to Micro Center, the morning was bright. Thus, I had not noticed that my lights were even on. Compound that with the fact that we stood in line for hours on end, the car lights had eaten up the battery. Luckily, Hank was in town and was meeting us up for lunch anyway. He dialed up his unused AAA card, and in a matter of minutes, the tow truck arrived and jump started my car.

Hank and Jerry went to get some Jamba Juice, while I left my car on to allow the alternator to charge the car battery up a bit. Then, we headed out to some Japanese fast food place Jerry wanted to go. The food was pretty much the type of frozen dinners you can buy from Ranch 99. I was unimpressed, and Hank was clearly unimpressed with the location, haha.

Jerry and I headed back to CV. I ended up taking a nap for about an hour, which felt like a full 8 hour sleep. The rest of the night, a good chunk of the high school gang got together for dinner, and we got to do some catching up.

Blog Migration

The basic blog migration is complete. If I ever get around to it, I'll be fiddling around with the template. Until then, I'll keep it simplistic and clean.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Migrating Blog

I will likely be migrating my blog over to blogger's blogspot host in order to take advantage of the new things in blogger beta. should continue to work, and just redirects to

Thursday, November 23, 2006


If there is one thing I dislike about blogger beta, it has got to be the fact that it's connected to my Gmail account. I have multiple gmail accounts, thus if I wanted to have blogger remember my login, it won't because I would have logged out of Gmail itself to check the other accounts. Therefore, every time I go to blogger, I must retype my login. While it is just a difference of a few seconds, it is still quite an annoyance.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

PS3 Madness, "If I Did It"

Yeah, we know that OJ's book pretty much
him confessing about exactly how he did it, but I'm not here to talk about that.

I'm here to talk about what I would have done during the PS3 launch yesterday if I were a store manager with a cache of PS3s to sell. If I managed a place like Costco, then what I want to do would be even great. I would hide the systems throughout the entire store and have people go looking for it. I would put one high up several racks that would require a forklift to get to. And perhaps some others stacked underneath some boxes, and another in the walk in freezer to keep it cool. Yep, that's what I would do, if I did it. It be fun, and funny to watch. Hell, maybe a fight may break out when someone finds one. UFC: The Costco Edition.

Friday, November 17, 2006

UCLA Student Tasered by Police in Library

Don't touch me!!

I'm sure everyone has seen that video at some point since it was released on youtube, so I'll jump into my thoughts. As much as it was wrong of the cops to be drive stunning the guy multiple times, I think he deserved at least the first one. All his screaming and shit before the guy was even tasered was clearly him being resistant to the authorities. It was also ridiculous that the bystanders started to get in the way of the authorities doing their jobs. It's as if this generation of kids (not that I'm much older than people still in college) think they can defy the police and get away with stuff. If there's a rule that allows them to check id, then let them do their job! Imagine if the person that the police found without ID was, in fact, someone dangerous that was going to do something stupid, and the cops did the right thing to neutralize the unidentified person. Instead of people talking shit about the police tasering the hell out of the guy, the media and everyone would be praising the police for their valiant effort in keeping the library and the campus safe from a terrorist attack or what not. But, yeah, that's not the case here, that guy has been identified as a UCLA student, but that doesn't give anyone the right to judge the police who were acting on the situation at hand, which was someone who did not identify himself, thus making him a potential threat to the student body and staff of the school.

Taser him some more for all I care. But seriously, they had like 3 popo and the guy was cuffed, just drag that moron out.

Thursday, November 16, 2006


The government takes a lot of money! Sheesh

Monday, November 13, 2006

What a Day

I woke up this morning with a fairly sharp headache. As I carpooled my way to work, I started to feel nauseated. At work, for at least two hours, I felt like throwing up, and I just kept trying to think of what I had eaten that would have caused it. Basically, I felt like I had a hangover, but without alcohol being involved at all. I took a pain killer at one point, then after those hellish two hours, I finally was able to "cleanse" myself of whatever was making feel like crap. After that, I felt completely renewed and refreshed and was able to finally get some work done. But yeah, those first few hours sucked.

First off, I must say that the new blogger is better than ever. It has come a long way since I first signed up to before they became a part of Google, and probably before the blogging fad hit the Internet in a big way. It has been the best, and now it is even better.

Saturday, November 04, 2006


Damn, food is so expensive.