Thursday, June 30, 2005

War of the Worlds

Summer sessions began a few days ago. 8AM is quite the early time for a class, but so far I have managed. Jher, Willy and I went to see War of the Worlds tonite. I thought the movie was arite. If you want to see a suspenseful movie, it does a fairly good job of it. It was also funny at some points. Overall, I had to think about it a little after it was over to realize what happened. All I had to do was think of something simple within my major! Anyway, if you see the film and don't get it, let me know, and I'll tell you what's up. =)

Friday, June 24, 2005


When I went to a dim sum place the other day, I was reminded of some article about how dim sum is loaded with fat and sodium. I didn't really care much, but I did in fact notice the crap they put into the tiny pieces of food full of fat and salt.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

nVIDIA GPU Unveiling/GeForce LAN 2.0

Yesterday, after a night of poker that went until 4AM, I headed down to SF at 7AM in the morning along with Jhermaine, Eric, and Stephen to nVidia's GeForce Lan 2.0. The event was held at Fort Mason Festival Pavilion. We were there mainly to get the new Battlefield 2 game for free by paying the entrance fee of $25, which was already half off what retail is selling today.

In addition to that, we received raffle tickets for a later prize giveaway and some other random free crap. We only brought our laptops, so we didn't do much of anything other than playing the older games. They probably served like 100 pound worth of Round Table pizza, which was pretty dope considering that RT is expensive stuff and also the best. The only thing I was annoyed by was the lack of diet type soda's. And to put into perspective, some of those people there probably need the reduced sugar simply from seeing how much damn sugar related shit they were consuming that day. Diabetes in the future much? (ok done with my random nutrition thought there)

Anyway, later that evening, all the big name execs of various game companies rolled in along with the press for the presentation of the unveiling of the next nvidia GPU, aptly named the GeForce 7800 GTX. And in a new move for them, the card is available today at all retail chains and online stores for any of you people with too much money. After that, there was a reception in the back with the live booths of the gpu in action. There was this one salad that was topped with a spicy piece of fish of some sort that was cooked on the outside and raw on the inside, which was damn good.

Then, it was finally time for some raffling of the prizes. Some of the new 7800s were given away as well as thousands of dollars in other stuff. We came out short handed in this first round of the raffle. After a while, the raffle was on again. After a good amount of waiting and waiting as my numbers weren't called, I finally got a win. I got a Logitech Z3e speaker set, Logitech MX518 mouse, and some sub~$20 steel mouse pad. Immediately following my win, Jhermaine won a new computer chasis from Antec. Then after a few more things, I won again, this time another mouse and steel mouse pad as mentioned above. And that was that.

I came out of that place with a total of around $280 of new stuff, RT pizza that I consumed/wasted about $20 worth, some drinks, a shirt or two, all of which costing me only $25 to go. It was a fun event other than the annoying, highly moronic and bratty kids that were at the LAN part of the event.

I will perhaps add some pics from this later when I'm back at davis where my camera cord is.

Monday, June 20, 2005

Hello Hello

I'm back in this town called CV. The Cajun Mix sold at Safeway is pretty good. I'll be around for a week. Perhaps, I will see you around. Good night.

And here's a shout out to Louisa...
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! you non-teen you. =)

And to Jelli...
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Let's get a drink some time!

Friday, June 17, 2005


Yess, I get one whole week of summer vacation before going back to class in hot as heck Davis (well it rained yesterday).

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Summer Flicks

Batman Begins was an excellent movie. That batmobile kicked some ass.

Other movies I look forward to this summer include Mr. and Mrs. Smith (out right now), War of the Worlds, and Fantastic Four for now. Perhaps that one with Hilary Duff and Heather Locklear...the great combo that Hank would agree with.

Monday, June 13, 2005

Xbox 360

Xbox 360 Xbox 360 Xbox 360 Xbox 360
sorry, I had to do this so that stupid google ad thing on the right stops showing pl ay s tatio n garbage

Nutrition 10 was a great class..

A Great Reason to Get in Shape guys. lol


Woo, I passed OChem, that saves me a good 400-600 dollars to retake it if I did not! No more of that least...if I end up taking the MCATs. I'm just glad I passed it. I was already looking at failure in that class. One more final Thursday!

truth of myspace ha ha ha

Saturday, June 11, 2005

F Ochem

Now...I remember why I don't cram crap before a test. I am so pissed right now that I was staring at one mechanism that was on my final, but while I was doing it, I did the first step wrong, and obviously from there on it's all messed up. I recalled something that had to be done, but I couldn't do it for the longest time because that first step mistake made it all out of whack. Now, I'm just extra pissed that I should have been able to get full points on that problem, but instead I'm probably looking at no points now. F'ing ricockulous. F ochem.

Friday, June 10, 2005


Picasa - I find this program to be excellent. Free and not bloated. Once again...nice job google.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005


...find a job for some extra cash..

Nutrition Fact of the Week: Girls, make sure to consume adequate amount of calcium (milk, calcium fortified cereals/OJ, etc). If not, you will be prone to osteoporosis, which in effect will also cause you to lose 2-4 inches of height. Same goes for guys, but more important for the ladies.

Monday, June 06, 2005

Rachel Gets Fruity!

Rachel Gets Fruity! - Rachel Stevens helping the man get checked up. lol!

Sunday, June 05, 2005


2 more weeks of this 3rd year of college. I must not f it up or something.