Saturday, April 30, 2005

Poker Palooza

Yesterday, I had a ochem midterm that I seem to have been owned by. Then, around 5:30pm I went over to the ARC, and signed into the first ever intramural poker tournament. When it started, I had all intentions of creating a large stack or go home mentality much like TNT's "win or go home" slogan for the NBA playoffs. Anyway, I indeed made short work of two victims on my first table and tripled up. That was within the first 20 minutes or so. Then, it just dragged on for nearly 4 hours and by then I had built up a sizeable stack of chips by slowly chipping away at everyone as well as KO'ing a few more people in all-in situations. After another hour, my play had significantly slowed down due to the lack of food, tiredness, and my back hurting from all the sitting. Another hour later, with only 5 remaining tables of 7 or so people, I was looking at 4% chance of a flush with 2 remaining cards to be seen, and I just called the all-in. As I suspected, I didn't get the draw. By that time, it was already 6 hours into the tournament, and I just simply didn't have the patience anymore and lost the rest of my chips and went home. It sucks to have gone that far into the damn tournament and not getting much of anything out of it. Only the top 8 in the final table received a banner and what appeared to be a nice set of poker cards and only the champion got their mug on the imsports wall of fame + champ tshirt. In the end, I thought it was fun. I really don't know how the poker professionals do it at the WSOP playing DAYS on end of that shit to get to the final table. Those 6 hours I wasted, I probably could have easily won a few hundred bucks in some low-limit online poker tables. (In fact, my current earnings for online poker is ~$210.) Anyway, it was a fun learning experience of how tiring a poker tournament can be. I will definitely be more ready for it next year.

Btw, for the costume contest, some guy wore some short ass shorts and a tuxedo shirt. I'm sorry, but that was quite gay.

Friday, April 29, 2005


I'm amazed how people actually spend the time to spunk up and way overdo their myspace webpages. Wallpapers, crazy color combos (pink and green?!), music videos, a million quiz/test results, and did I mention the million different colors of text and background?! Wow.

Thursday, April 28, 2005


The Rockets ended up losing. That...sucked. Anyway, I must get back to studying this organic chemistry stuff. Carboxylic acids, alkanoyl halides, anhydrides, esters, amides, nitriles, oh my!


I took some non-drowsy claritin before going to school today. When I got back from school I took a nap for a good 2-3 hours.... And that crap costs around 20 bux!

Wednesday, April 27, 2005


There was an asian girl that was really hot that got off the bus. She was wearing one of those short abercrombie skirts and a nice top bearing her nicely tanned back. Then, the bus I was on left. =P

Viscous People

Margret says viscous guys...and girls are no good. Avoid.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

TVB: My Family

If you're into the HK dramas/shows, My Family is recommended. I found the brother, brother, girl love triangle interesting. And in some ways, reminiscent...only the genders were swapped. Oh, and also, Shirley Yeung was cute.

Monday, April 25, 2005

The Happy Birthday Song

After class today, I was walking through the quad area, and a small group of people were singing the happy birthday song to someone. I dunno it sounded very...unenthusiastic? After the song it was an even more unenthusiastic cheer. And I was thinking how the song itself has gotten very boring, and yet people still use it almost religiously. The tune itself seems to be standard throughout many different cultures as well. I'm surprised no one has come up with a more catchy and newer way to sing the song of the celebration of someone's birthday. I guess some things won't ever change, heh.

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Go Rockets!

After two midterms, I took it upon myself to sleep in later than I usually do. Then, I got up and watched the Houston vs Dallas game where T-Mac was tearing it up in the first half. It would be really nice to see them be the sleeper team to win the west. I'm tired of all that Phoenix, San Antonio, and Seattle bullshit. After the game, Jhermaine and I went out and shot some hoops and ended up playing these young kids. Damn, they had way too much energy in them, haha. At first we just shot the ball because we were just plain tired, perhaps from old age, though more likely from being out of shape. Anyway, when we were down a few points, we decided it was embarrasing to be losing to them, so we just did things the easy way and took it to the hole. That was about it

Friday, April 22, 2005

Papa Murphy's

Jhermaine, Kristen and I had the chicken garlic pizza from Papa Murphy's tonight. It was pretty good for a pizza you have to bake yourself. It's also nicely priced, so that's good also. Though, in the end, the chicken garlic pizza from Round Table still wins hands down.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Study Study Study

I was freaking on campus from 10:30AM to 9PM yesterday!! I think that's the longest I've ever been on campus my entire college career. At least, I got some studying done, and I should be ahead of schedule now with 1 and 2 days left before my first midterms of this quarter. Anyway, I shall go watch Desperate Housewives or OTH before I hit the studying again.

Oh yeah, remember how I said having music on your website is annoying? Well having a music video on a personal site is even more annoying. That is all.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Looking Back

I was just browsing around my collection of pics from senior year of high school. Good times, good times... And damn, it also made me want to really get back in shape, lol.

Sunday, April 17, 2005

In Another Time

Unknown Artist (Song from Shades of Truth)

You and I were never meant to be together
And now it's time for me to go
But deep in my heart
You will always stay forever in another place
In another time

So walk with me and let me hold you close
And we will share this last memory
And dream about our love
And what it means
To love someone enough
To set them free

In another place
In another time
In the space between any reason are right (?? or ride ??)
Someday we'll have it all
And our love will shine
In another place
In another time
You will always be the one on my mind

In another place...
In another time
In another place
In another time

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Saturday, April 16, 2005


It's picnic day here in Davis, and pretty much most of the college folks here have an excuse to get crunk in the middle of the day instead of at night, haha. For me, I was too lazy to wake up at freakin' 7 in the morning for it. Plus, I have two midterms next week that are both essentially memorizing a large amount of information, which I really need to start studying diligently for. One of them, my systematic physiology class, has nearly half a quarter's worth of information, and it has only been one and a half weeks into this new quarter! And on top of that, I'm a tad behind on my organic chemistry class as well. =( My four hour gaps next week will probably and hopefully be spent in the library getting myself ready.

Happy Birthday Meesh!!

Matcha Green Tea Blast

Next time you're at Jamba Juice, get a Matcha Green Tea Blast, it is pretty good and add an immunity boost to double the green tea antioxidants. I suggest the smaller 16oz size for this one just cause it might be a tad on the sweeter side and overwhelm you after a while.

Friday, April 15, 2005

That Pepsi Girl

Hey, it seems like that hot half Japanese, half American Pepsi/Itunes girl (Mandy Amano) from that one Super Bowl commercial is starting to get a bit more famous from being on TV for like 10 seconds! Crazy. But yeah, I admit that she was the only inspiration to that commercial. Someone even made a blog that is dedicated to her. She's gonna be in the May issue of Maxim. Here's a pic

Wednesday, April 13, 2005


[23:41] <notpansy>
[23:42] <everroars> ooh
[23:42] <everroars> are you getting any
[23:42] <everroars> (dvds)
[23:42] <notpansy> FU


Stacked was hilarious! Even though Pamela Anderson is person chosen to promote the show, the performances of the other main characters including Christopher Lloyd from "Back to the Future" were excellent. The funniest scene for the pilot episode would probably be the one with the kid staring at Skyler's boobies, haha. Hilarious stuff.


Lol, I just noticed that I spelled construction wrong up on the header image. =)


It really sucks that my classes are separated by a 4 hour gap four out of the five days, which has caused me to not feel like going to my second class because all the notes are already online and such. I should probably get it together some time soon before the first round of midterms. =\

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Speaking of Nutrition

On my way to my nutrition class today, I came across this article printed in The California Aggie and easily agreed with exactly what the author pointed out. In fact, I think politicians of this country are a little too self-absorbed in their own beliefs of what's right and what's wrong. This includes things like violence in video games and sex. Come on, with all the censorship that goes on in this country, it's like daring people to go the distance to obtain it.

Fact of the Day: The body requires 9 essential amino acids that it cannot make. The best food that provides all 9 of those eaa's is human breast milk, but luckily egg proteins are right behind it in that department in providing all the necessary eaa's. These are the two complete AND perfect proteins. Funny thing is, chicken isn't a perfect protein even though it comes from the egg. haha.


It has been a long time coming, eh? I'm bringing back the good old blogger, but don't fret, will remain intact (not like anyone has been going there lately anyway) and updated with the normal gibberish of links and random garbage for the general public that won't find its way here. In fact, it may eventually change its face to sport something new that I currently do not want to get into or have the time to deal with. In any case, my blog is back, and I hope to keep this updated like it once used to be.

It has been more than a full year since my last blog judging from the last post listed below. As of now, the layout is not very functional, which will either mean it'll be fixed or not, or further simplified to just the posts. Anyway, I was going through some old posts and read some interesting things I forgot about and some things that reminded me of what seemed to be a happy time for me. Ah well, it's the past.

Let's see if I can keep this up!

***24 Spoiler Alert***

Today's episode was ok compared to last week's exciting episode involving a stealth fighter and air force one. In today's "hour", these two civilians that found the nulear "football", I thought, were stupid. The guy with one half of the device was caught, and the terrorists were shooting him to get him to talk, and the wife was watching and just broke down and surrendered the other half giving control of all the US nukes to the terrorists. I mean geezus... she practically traded a nuke to the terrorists hoping they would spare their lives (which they didn't if it were not for Jack). I understand it would be hard to see a loved one getting tortured or perhaps killed, but thinking terrorists would have simpathy is pretty damn retarded. Plus, she gave them something that would get themselves killed and ultimately the nation getting nuked... Bauer should have slapped talked some sense in that woman for being dumb.