Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Do You Ever Wonder Why?
I'm sure everyday everyone wonders why things are the way they are or why people do the things they do, and it just boggles your mind. And to start this series of DYEWW?, and to put to rest anyone who will probably think this....

Why the heck am I starting this? What is my purpose? None really. It just seems like something I can bring up, and perhaps others can discuss about. Who knows. Admins can feel free to post your own if you ever wonder about something you see that day and just want to talk about it. That's all on that one. Now, onto the first real DYEWW topic.

So in class a few weeks ago, I sat behind this one guy that used this thick napkin of some sort and blowing his nose with it or what not. Then he proceeds to put it in his pocket. I'm thinking, ok I guess it's like a handkerchief or something, but I'm always wondering why the hell anyone uses one of those things, and have all their germs/whatever up in their little rag or napkin in this person case, put it back in his pocket, then use it again a few minutes later. As far as I know, that's pretty disgusting. What was even more nasty was that after a while, he put that shit on the seat next to him to practically air/dry it out. wtf?? Obviously, he's been using that sucker all day, but please, keep that crap to yourself, don't put it on something where someone will be sitting/touching after you leave. Bottom line, use kleenex or something and toss it in the trash after use.

Saturday, February 14, 2004

Happy V-Day
To all the couples out there, enjoy the day and hopefully no break ups. To all the singles out there, maybe you'll receive something, if not, well look on the bright side, you save some money.

As for me, I think I'll do my chemistry lab write up or something. =(

Update: damn, that google toolbar is all heartsy and shit.

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

One Last Time
I have come under the impression that there seems to be some things that aren't clear and needs some further ramblings about it. This will be the last (hopefully) regarding anything related to my last relationship, a time I still cherish and remember, while it lasted.

Well, the subject revolves around my loyalty. From what it sounded like, it pretty much made me appear like a bad guy who was not loyal to his gf by the means of checking out other girls or something more to that degree. I would just simply like to say that whatever gave off that impression of me is either totally misconstrued or a total lie. I will say this now, that I was always loyal and will always be loyal to any of my gfs of the future, past, and present(if I had one). When I look back to last year, I devoted practically all my time to studying, relaxing, and mostly getting to know a little bit about the girl I eventually started a closer relationship with. I mean, I was talking to the girl for a good 3-4 months, which I found to be mostly waiting to give us both ample time, before making the decision to be together officially. In all the time last year, I DID NOT get to know ANY girls, while in my freshman year of college, other than simple acquaintances that never developed or in fact, I have never talked to since. And that even includes any of the girls I knew from back home. There simply wasn't anything going on with anyone other than the one that I was in love with. I figured that I have found that girl, and there was just no point to be looking elsewhere, so I didn't.

You can say that I or any guy for that matter "check out girls" while they are in a relationship, but come on, it's not like we're blind. If you see a good looking girl (or guy), you see a good looking girl (or guy). So heck, if I see one, it's not like I'll be thinking, DAMN I'd liked to get with her! No, I am not like that. And if you get the impression that I am, then I'm sorry, but you've mistaken me for who I am.

In reality, if I were really disloyal, wouldn't I have already tried to get with those "other girls" or even with another girl already a long time ago? Well as anyone who knows me knows, I'm in the same position I was in since June of last year. I've been loyal all this time even when she herself had moved on, and I respect that. And seriously, if I wasn't loyal, I wouldn't be here, almost a year since we first got together, just now finally moved on myself from someone who I've given a piece of my heart to. She's happy and I'm happy that she's happy, but I just can't believe that I was/am believed to have been disloyal because that, my friend, is bullshit. Good night.