Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Happy Birthday Julia!
Put that smile back on your face girl.

Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Girls Take Note, The OC Style
I just saw the episode of The O.C. that will be on tomorrow night. The episode was a pretty good depiction of what happens practically all the time in real life. And here's what I have to say, as I use the episode of The O.C. as an example, while making sure you won't need to watch it to understand where I'm trying to go with it.

Basically, in the show right now, there's this new kid (Oliver) that's blatantly trying to get with with main actress (Marissa) who's going out with the main actor (Ryan). Obviously, Ryan sees what Oliver is up to and being the boyfriend that he is, but Marissa keeps saying stuff like "noo, he doesn't have any friends," "he's a great guy," "he needs some friends," "we're just friends," "you can trust me" or other stuff to reassure Ryan that nothing's going to happen. If there's one advice I'd like to give to girls, it'd be that all those things she said don't say it because....guys (mostly boyfriends) f'ing HATE, and I mean HATE that shit when we (the guys) know wtf the other guy is up to. I don't know how dense a girl can be, as portrayed by Marissa by being gullible as heck and not listening to the one she says she loves at all. And girls, don't even give me some bullshit about the guy (Ryan in this case) being jealous. It's not even about that. I can safely vouch that guys (the boyfriends) hate that shit. Period.

Monday, January 19, 2004

Snowboarding, Sun, lots of Soreness, yet Satifying
This weekend was a fun and very enjoyable three days. It consisted of a few of the guys heading up here to Davis, then to Tahoe, then back to Davis. Read on for the details.

Friday was the beginning of the weekend, and that started off with attending my chemistry lecture and chemistry discussion. I'm starting to like my chem TA because all we did in discussion was get a piece of paper, and had a quiz that was basically a subtraction problem! Hah. Then, back home, I think I ate lunch and proceeded to get some hours into a particular game that I can't speak of. That itself killed a good chunk of time before Jerry, Kevin, Chester, and Eric B., rolled into Davis.

The night consisted of a dinner trip to Dos Coyotes, a little bit of poker, some xbox gaming, some computer games, and a whole lot of Perudo (aka Dudo). At some point around 2AM-3AM, we realized that we had to get up at approximately 6:15AM before going to sleep.

Naturally, we ended up sleeping past that proposed time and did not end up leaving until around 8AM. I made somewhat of a breakfast just to jumpstart us a bit. We headed over to Safeway to buy lunch before heading toward Donner Ski Ranch, which is next to Sugar Bowl if you're more familiar with that place. I was pretty much asleep most of the hour and a half or so it took to get there. At the mountain, we got our rentals and lift tickets for a nice price of $48 total. I was the only newbie of the group, and they took me straight to some of the higher up slopes where I slightly managed myself. Obviously, I was lagging behind everyone, but eventually I made it back to the bottom after numerous falls. Throughout the first slope, I managed to get on the board, stay balanced and go, but the only way for me to stop was to just pretty much crash, haha. After that first one, everyone was hungry, so we had lunch. After lunch, we went up to the very freakin' top of the mountain! The lift was quite high off the ground, and we went down this one hella deep slope that was next to this other slope, which was called the "vanishing point" with a black diamond next to it. It was probably reminiscent to the HOT SPOT at our rafting trip last summer. During this run, I managed to learn to somewhat slow down efficiently and make some turns once in a while. At the last stretch, I was on my board for probably the longest time, but then when I neared the bottom, I ended up falling forward. As that happened, my jacket and clothes beneath me somehow went up, and when I landed I slid across the ice and managed to receive a nice stinging ice burn across my stomach. The feeling was like when you get rug burns, so it wasn't too bad. At this point, I sat out and rested up, since I had also developed a slight headache from all the falling. The other guys ended up going off some other place, and I chilled for a while before heading up the first slope we went to. I did that one a few more times to practice a bit before I called it a day. At the end of the day, which was around 4:30PM, we turned in the stuff and headed back to Davis. We got back around 6-7PM and went to Applebee's for dinner.

Back at my place, I took a shower and crashed for a few hours, as did a few others. Kevin played Desert Combat and Gunbound I think. When I woke up, we played some more Perudo, and switched off playing a bit of Gunbound, and just chilled. Then, we started playing Hunter: The Redeemer on the Xbox until around 5AM before calling it a night.

Sunday, I woke up around 12:45PM, went downstairs, washed some dishes, and started to cook spaghetti for lunch while watching the Patriots cheat again. =P Everyone woke up soon after and watched the game for a bit before playing Hunter again because the game was bs. Around 3-4PM, Willy came back from his retreat, and we taught him how to play Perudo. We played until it was time for dinner. For dinner, we went to Fuji's, which is always good. Chester, Jerry and I observed two interesting couples, while we were there. So after that, Willy and Kev each battled Jerry in NBA Live before they packed up and went home.

So yeah, overall, the weekend was a great. I saw snow for the first time in my life and learned to snowboard somewhat in the process. I'll definitely be going again, perhaps some time in the next 2-3 months before the snow season is over.