Wednesday, December 31, 2003

"I live in Castro Valley, too"
I don't know how else I can say that I'm broke, other than "I'm f'in broke". However, it was really worth it goin' there for the first time. Ah, going where for the first time?

Well, I'm not gonna be hiding the truth, so I'll just tell the story. We (I won't disclose their names unless they speak of it themselves) went to a strip club last night. Here's a coupon for free admission if any ladies or gents out there want to go some time before the expiration date, haha.

This was the first time I've been to one of these joints, but whatever I saw there in real life was like, I've been there and done that already, so it was nothing new to me. As for most the other guys, it was like their virgin eyes are really getting a show, and I'm not talking about seeing nudity on TV or in movies or whatever.

We hit up this place in SF (I guess I won't disclose the name of it unless you ask me) around 9PM. Inside, we walked around to check out the place, then took some seats a bit away from the stage just to check things out, or learn the deal so to speak. Almost immediately, showgirls were already coming by to ask if any of us wanted a dance, and one of us was practically sucked in and had no where to run. Haha, that gullible mofo got pwnt by the chicks ability to talk him into it. Fun times. Many girls approached, but one by one they got turned down by us as we watched the "main stage" for other hotties. Oh, I did mention that nearly all the girls were really hot right?

Eventually, a really cute Asian girl came by and tried to get the guy who went first, but this time he was able to not get biten and owned again. Well, then I talked to her, and we went elsewhere and talked a bit too. Her name's either spelled Myah or Mia (fake or not I won't know), I'm not sure at the point. It was really interesting because she was from Castro Valley also. I knew she wasn't lying because she actually named specific landmarks in CV like the Ice Creamery, the pool hall, and stuff like that. I practically saw my money disappear with this girl. She made it fun. At one point, she even asked how my hair was done and said she wanted to have two strips of hair on the front highlighted. I thought that would have really looked good on her. But yeah, I had a nice time with her.

When I got back in the main area, it had seemed as though everyone else had already gone and wondered why I was gone for so long. Hah, it was fun times, we talked about things there and just chilled. When Myah (Mia) was back on the main stage, I hit up the front row to give a much deserved tip. When she looked at me, it was probably the most seductive eyes I've ever seen. I'm sure she does that to many guys, but damn I knew she still remembered me, and it was damn sexay. Good thing my self control kicked in and stopped me from spending any more money at that place.

We pretty much chilled there and talked until around 1AM. We then headed over to my friend's place where I had left my Xbox a few days ago, picked it up, and chatted there a bit before heading home.

In conclusion, it was a really fun night to just go and hang out with some friends and kick it. However, the fact that it's a bunch of random girls makes you really realize how much a girlfriend is superior to blowing lots of dough at some place like that. Someone even asked the question, "if any of these girls can be your girlfriend who would it be." Personally, my answer would go something along the lines of...any of them, but being committed to any of them would be very difficult to do, if you know what I'm saying. And christ, did I mention that girls (not the showgirls) that go there get quite a bit of attention from the showgirls on the dance stage. So if you have a down to earth girlfriend (or you are a down to earth girlfriend), it'd be a pretty cool place to hit up. ;) Anywho where the girls at? I'm officially out of options now. =(

Friday, December 19, 2003

Return of the King
I saw The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (geezus with 4 "the's" in that title) last night.

Jerry, Gerald, and I rolled out at around 8:10PM, and when we got there the 9PM imax showing was already sold out, so we got the 8:30PM showing. Upon entering, it was pretty much packed already, and we sat in the very front for about a few seconds before deciding to go trade in our tickets for the later showing at 11:20PM.

To kill the time, we went over to Target and chilled with Nick at Food Avenue, haha. Before that, we bumped into JR and Alina and chatted with them a bit. Then, we went around Target before heading back to Food Ave. We got some food, then by the time Nick had to start cleaning up, he pretty much gave us all that was left over, since he was going to dump it anyway, haha. We were pretty much hella full by the time we went back to the theater to wait in line.

The movie was f'in long, but the action elements were good. The end was boring as heck. I didn't really think it was necessary. They could have just put that in the extended DVD later or some shit. By the time we got out it was almost 3AM. When I got home, I pretty much just went to sleep right away. But yeah, go see RotK if you haven't. If you haven't even watched any of the LotR movies, then you best marathon it some time soon. It's good. Though, I'm starting to like the Infernal Affairs trilogy a lot more.

Monday, December 15, 2003

Back Home
I came back Saturday afternoon. Finals went pretty well for the most part. Next quarter I will be taking Chemistry, Biology and some 2 unit dinosaur class, haha. And what have I been doing since then?

When I got back Saturday, I basically just chilled at home. Sunday, I spent most of the day playing an awesome game that I can't mention, but it'll be cool when it comes out, no doubt.

Today, I woke up at 12PM, then went to get lunch at Chipotle and drinks at TapEx with Louisa and Loretta. That was fun. Then, after that, I went to the mall and got a few gifts. I saw Gerald and Stef there, then I saw Kat, Jeff, Jess, Matt and Allen at j crew. And that's all for now.