Wednesday, December 31, 2003

"I live in Castro Valley, too"
I don't know how else I can say that I'm broke, other than "I'm f'in broke". However, it was really worth it goin' there for the first time. Ah, going where for the first time?

Well, I'm not gonna be hiding the truth, so I'll just tell the story. We (I won't disclose their names unless they speak of it themselves) went to a strip club last night. Here's a coupon for free admission if any ladies or gents out there want to go some time before the expiration date, haha.

This was the first time I've been to one of these joints, but whatever I saw there in real life was like, I've been there and done that already, so it was nothing new to me. As for most the other guys, it was like their virgin eyes are really getting a show, and I'm not talking about seeing nudity on TV or in movies or whatever.

We hit up this place in SF (I guess I won't disclose the name of it unless you ask me) around 9PM. Inside, we walked around to check out the place, then took some seats a bit away from the stage just to check things out, or learn the deal so to speak. Almost immediately, showgirls were already coming by to ask if any of us wanted a dance, and one of us was practically sucked in and had no where to run. Haha, that gullible mofo got pwnt by the chicks ability to talk him into it. Fun times. Many girls approached, but one by one they got turned down by us as we watched the "main stage" for other hotties. Oh, I did mention that nearly all the girls were really hot right?

Eventually, a really cute Asian girl came by and tried to get the guy who went first, but this time he was able to not get biten and owned again. Well, then I talked to her, and we went elsewhere and talked a bit too. Her name's either spelled Myah or Mia (fake or not I won't know), I'm not sure at the point. It was really interesting because she was from Castro Valley also. I knew she wasn't lying because she actually named specific landmarks in CV like the Ice Creamery, the pool hall, and stuff like that. I practically saw my money disappear with this girl. She made it fun. At one point, she even asked how my hair was done and said she wanted to have two strips of hair on the front highlighted. I thought that would have really looked good on her. But yeah, I had a nice time with her.

When I got back in the main area, it had seemed as though everyone else had already gone and wondered why I was gone for so long. Hah, it was fun times, we talked about things there and just chilled. When Myah (Mia) was back on the main stage, I hit up the front row to give a much deserved tip. When she looked at me, it was probably the most seductive eyes I've ever seen. I'm sure she does that to many guys, but damn I knew she still remembered me, and it was damn sexay. Good thing my self control kicked in and stopped me from spending any more money at that place.

We pretty much chilled there and talked until around 1AM. We then headed over to my friend's place where I had left my Xbox a few days ago, picked it up, and chatted there a bit before heading home.

In conclusion, it was a really fun night to just go and hang out with some friends and kick it. However, the fact that it's a bunch of random girls makes you really realize how much a girlfriend is superior to blowing lots of dough at some place like that. Someone even asked the question, "if any of these girls can be your girlfriend who would it be." Personally, my answer would go something along the lines of...any of them, but being committed to any of them would be very difficult to do, if you know what I'm saying. And christ, did I mention that girls (not the showgirls) that go there get quite a bit of attention from the showgirls on the dance stage. So if you have a down to earth girlfriend (or you are a down to earth girlfriend), it'd be a pretty cool place to hit up. ;) Anywho where the girls at? I'm officially out of options now. =(

Friday, December 19, 2003

Return of the King
I saw The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (geezus with 4 "the's" in that title) last night.

Jerry, Gerald, and I rolled out at around 8:10PM, and when we got there the 9PM imax showing was already sold out, so we got the 8:30PM showing. Upon entering, it was pretty much packed already, and we sat in the very front for about a few seconds before deciding to go trade in our tickets for the later showing at 11:20PM.

To kill the time, we went over to Target and chilled with Nick at Food Avenue, haha. Before that, we bumped into JR and Alina and chatted with them a bit. Then, we went around Target before heading back to Food Ave. We got some food, then by the time Nick had to start cleaning up, he pretty much gave us all that was left over, since he was going to dump it anyway, haha. We were pretty much hella full by the time we went back to the theater to wait in line.

The movie was f'in long, but the action elements were good. The end was boring as heck. I didn't really think it was necessary. They could have just put that in the extended DVD later or some shit. By the time we got out it was almost 3AM. When I got home, I pretty much just went to sleep right away. But yeah, go see RotK if you haven't. If you haven't even watched any of the LotR movies, then you best marathon it some time soon. It's good. Though, I'm starting to like the Infernal Affairs trilogy a lot more.

Monday, December 15, 2003

Back Home
I came back Saturday afternoon. Finals went pretty well for the most part. Next quarter I will be taking Chemistry, Biology and some 2 unit dinosaur class, haha. And what have I been doing since then?

When I got back Saturday, I basically just chilled at home. Sunday, I spent most of the day playing an awesome game that I can't mention, but it'll be cool when it comes out, no doubt.

Today, I woke up at 12PM, then went to get lunch at Chipotle and drinks at TapEx with Louisa and Loretta. That was fun. Then, after that, I went to the mall and got a few gifts. I saw Gerald and Stef there, then I saw Kat, Jeff, Jess, Matt and Allen at j crew. And that's all for now.

Sunday, November 30, 2003

Two More Weeks
Ah, the weekend was pretty relaxing most of the time. It was only the night and day of Black Friday that I got hella tired cause I pulled an all nighter to get to the mall early or what not.

It was good to see some of the people I haven't seen in a while, which was mostly the guys, Jhermaine, Nick, Jerry, Eric, Rob, Gareth, Tim, and a few ladies, Louisa, Corinne, Amy. Hopefully, I'll see all the others some time during winter break.

For Thanksgiving, I went to my cousin's place for dinner.

During the weekend, I hung out with the guys most of the time. On Black Friday, I shopped with Corinne (kinda, just ran into her there) and Julia, who ended up sleeping half the time. At the mall, I was pretty out of it and ended up not even getting a thing at all. I don't even really remember a damn thing, since I was soooo tired from not sleeping the night before. I was literally about to collapse walking around the crowded places. On the freeway, I probably almost fell asleep about 10 times, which amounts to how many times I probably would have ended up in a hospital or dead or something. Thank God I was able to get back home safely. I slept the rest of that day, then went to dinner with Buth, Jher, Rob and Nick. After dinner, we went back to my place where we played some Xbox till we were too tired.

Saturday, I went over to Jher's place and played some Mario Kart: Double Dash with him, AJ, and Nick. Then, I went out ot dinner with my parents and that was about it for that day.

Today, I slept till around 12PM, ate lunch, then went to Louisa's to help her fix her computer, which didn't really take long to solve and had a fun chat with her and Loretta for a while before heading back to get the car back to Ken for work. Hope he wasn't late, haha.

That's all for now. I'll be heading back up to Davis in a few hours. Good luck to everyone with their studies, remaining midterms, and upcoming finals.

Saturday, November 22, 2003

Song of the Moment: Britney Spears - Everytime

Britney's new albums is good, I may very well go purchase it at Target some time.

The weather here is slowly getting to the extreme coldness that is at Davis. I've been trying to start my second term paper for anthropology since Thursday, but it has not happened yet. The most that I have done is a cover page with my info and a title that says 'Essay 2.' =) It's progress! Any anthro majors out there want to write it for me? =D

Yeah ok, I should go TRY to start it...or maybe go play some more Xbox games.. ;) (I'm beginning to think that playing Xbox games has allowed me to get pretty good test grades, haha.)

Friday, November 21, 2003

Midterms Complete, Term Papers Next
After I finished my Sociology midterm (fairly quick might I add), I was done with all my midterms for this quarter!

All that is left now is two upcoming term papers that are due, and a lab practical for Biology. After that, it'll bring me up to the finals, then WINTER BREAK! wh00t. It's been a long quarter, and I'm glad that I'm almost through with it. If there's anything to like about the quarter system, it has to be the fact that we go through classes faster, so I won't be tired of the crap. Semester system just seems like it would drag on forever. Ok, that's all for now.

Tuesday, November 18, 2003

List of Things
1. AquaDrops are good.
2. GG bottle is nice.
3. Midterms almost done.
4. The O.C. was great this week again.
5. A weird poll is posted.
6. Rated R is back.
7. I beat T.H.U.G. (Tony Hawk's Undergound)
8. Will loves Will...haha Corinne ;)
9. Back to square one.
10. Project Gotham Racing 2 is a kick butt game.
11. Yet to try GG.
12. Yet to watch Finding Nemo.
13. Hungry Man TV dinners are decently good.
14. Running out of HD space again.
15. Getting A's and B's on midterms without going to lecture or studying much is cool.

Saturday, November 15, 2003

An Update
There has not been much going lately. It was much mostly studying and cramming for midterms that rolled around this week, and it'll continue on to next week because I have one more midterm. Besides that, life's just been same ol' same ol'.

I've been thinking about some things though. A friend or two told me maybe I should just find a girl for the time being, since the ones I'm even slightly interested in are either taken or not interested at the present time. If I just tried to like any random girl then what would that accomplish? Yeah, I might have someone to be with, but the chemistry just doesn't seem to be there and will just lead to a not so happy ending and possibly even lost friendships that may have been preserved if nothing happened. The ones I do have in mind...the chemistry is definitely there, but what can I do? Nothing. I'm not about to try to take someone who's taken (that'd just make me a hypocrite) or keep trying to get with someone that's not interested no matter what I try.

Those friends even told me that there are plenty of girls out there standing in line for a crack at me, but does that really boost my confidence? Not exactly. So there are girls that might be interested in me, but do I know that they are interested? Not all the time. Do I get to know whoever is interested in me? No, they don't give any indications. Why's it got to be so complicated? I personally really don't know. Whatever...

Then, there's the thing with constant badgering of certain people that like me by some people. Ok, I know, but do I really need to hear about it all the time? I'm not naming names or anything because this is just in general. If I'm not interested then, I'm just not interested. I really don't want to hear about it all the time, it just gets annoying. A couple getting together is a mutual thing. I'm not gonna be like, oh she likes me, I'll just get with her to mess with her then dump her after. That's just fucked up.

Why am I even thinking about this? Well, I'm just contantly reminded of the times last spring. However little time I was able to spend with my ex, I was reminded of how much I loved her, and how much I miss being with her. I know the feelings were mutual, but whatever did eventually happen, just happened, no more questions asked (Hey if you ever need anything, I'm here for you always =D ).

The future looks bleak so far, but I still believe that anything is possible. Only time will tell. God has a plan for everyone...

Sunday, November 09, 2003

Hot & Wet
I mean...cold and wet? Haha. Well yeah, the weather has been pretty crappy this weekend because of the winter winds coming in and everything...

However, I'm glad my place here in Davis stays at a nice 73 degree constantly when we don't even turn on the heater! It's great.

Today, I ended up waking up at 2:30 or so with a fatty headache, so I just went back to sleep to try to sleep it off after eating a little something cause I was really hungry. The next time I woke up was about 5:30PM, and it was already really dark in my room because the clouds had shut out the sunlight early. And yes, I woke up with the most painful headache, I felt like I was just gonna die or something. I took some motrin, then took a nice hot shower, and after about 30 minutes I was feeling a bit better. Then, I had another problem. I was hella hungry, and I didn't really have anything to eat. I found one of my last tv dinner thing, which was a Stouffer's Lean Cuisine. I must say that their Lean Cuisines are hella nasty compared to the normal Stouffer's dinners. I starting to see a trend in "lean, diet, non-fat" stuff tasting like SHIT.

Then, I finally started doing some reading out of the bio book FOR FUN. I just feel like I'm already ready for the midterm, and I'm just reading the book for fun now. =)

Hmm, later on in the night, Willy came back from CV with some food that my mom made for me, so I ate some of that to make up for the nasty tv dinner I had earlier. After reading about 3 different phylums, I took a break and played a few CS scrimmages with Jher, Nick, Buth, and B. It was fun. We won 2 out of 3. The one we lost was to some cocky ass no life fat ass idiots. I swear, if you are good at something, you need to respect your skill and don't ruin it by being a cocky ass motherfucker. Especially when they really aren't THAT good, and would shut their holes and hide if they get beat silly themselves. *shakes head* losers...

After the CS'ing, I read a bit more, and now here I am. Time for me to go back to sleep. Until next time kids.

Sunday, November 02, 2003

It's Always Complicated
Song of the Moment: Mercy Street - Complicated

Well Halloween weekend has been pretty boring and stuff...

Thursday night, I stayed up. Friday morning, I went to pick up Julia at the Sac Airport and took her back to her place. After that, I went home and slept till around 2:30PM. I don't think I did much of anything after that. Around 10:40PM or so, I headed up to Loretta and Jannie's friend's party. I ended up staying there for an hour before heading back home with other people.

Saturday, I lounged around at home, watched some TV, when Jannie and Loretta came over, and we watched a movie. Then a little more sitting around, then dinner at Dos with Loretta since Jannie ditched us. Then walking back home in freeeeeezing weather. My hand was literally about to freeze off when I was on the phone. Back home, played some Amped 2 with Matt, online for a bit more, then slept.

Sunday, October 26, 2003

Weekend Fun and Boredom
The week I had 3 midterms. Last week I had one... The one I had last week...I got a nice A on it. One of the ones from this week, Sociology...well I didn't get a very impressive score. Anyway, it's the weekend, so what's going on?? Read on..

Well, Friday, I had my last midterm of the week in the morning, which was Statistics. The bus ride there was enjoyable, since the hot Asian bus driver was driving. =) The midterm itself was fairly easy.

Back at home, Loretta attempted to cut my hair, and it ended up ok. I complained a lot, so it took a little longer than it should have. Then, I just told her to go have her lunch, and I spent the next hour or so fixing what she had done. Through that time, I managed to clean up the two sides, but was not able to do anything about the back because I couldn't see it well and was afraid to mess with it. After all that, I rebleached the front portion, while I made lunch and completed an Xbox game called kill.switch.

Around 8:45PM or so, I headed out to Safeway and bought some juice and soda, then went to Jeff's party. Sam Y. was spinning the music. Louisa was also present. I haven't seen that girl since...hmm...I think the last time I went back to Davis with Loretta last year. *sigh* It was good to see her again, and we had a nice chat and drink together. It was cool to just spend some time to chill with her after all that stressin' of midterms and such. Oh yes, there was also dancing and stuff, and meeting some new people. Heck, I even mixed some drinks for people that turned out really nice. Toward the end, I danced a bit more, then I just literally collapsed on the floor because my knees were just killing me. Then, I think I went outside, sat down and talked on the phphone for a bit. Eventually, the music inside stopped because everyone else was pooped. Loretta came out, and we talked a bit and went back inside when it got chilly. Everyone was just lying around on the floor talking about random stuff until around who knows when. I left around 3:30AM, and hastily made my way back to my place, which was not so cool. ALL my joints were literally in pain and not feeling too good. When I got home, I basically just dropped dead in bed and did not manage to fall asleep for a while because of all the pain. =/

Today, I didn't wake up until around 1PM. When I did wake up, I did nothing for an hour, ate lunch and played some Xbox games. By the time I got tired of that, I tried to start on my essay for sociology, but that didn't happen, so I went to Round Table to get myself a pizza. I got a medium that was half Chicken & Garlic Gourmet and half the specialty meat lover one. I watched Cradle 2 the Grave as I ate. RT...the last honest pizza...really! =) Now, I'm just sitting around trying to start that essay, but it still is not happening.

Update: Oh yeah, I forgot to add that Katherine helped fixed the back portion of my hair at the party. thanks.

Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Blogger Hoodie
I finally got that free Blogger hoodie for being a Blogger Pro member. It's pretty nice. Hane's hoodie. Nice logo..none of that crappy printer self made ironed stuff. AND it says "Powered by Google" on one of the sleeves, haha.

Monday, October 20, 2003

The Weekend
Friday....Hmm...Oh yes.. Friday, I ended up sleeping through both of my classes, so I basically started a three day weekend. I got up around 9AM and made myself an omelette and sausage breakfast. Then, I don't know what I did that afternoon, but around 6:30PM or so, I went over to Loretta's to join, her, Jannie, Tina, Jasmine, and Margret for dinner. Loretta made her baked chicken and pasta. So yeah, the dinner was good. Then, I tried to fix her computer, but failed to do so, haha. I then started watching TV and ended up catching Miss Match, which was pretty interesting. Finch from American Pie was in that episode. At some point, everyone, except Margret and I, left somewhere. I chilled with her for another show or two, and we just talked about some random stuff. Then, I departed, made a call on the way, and detoured toward a party they went to. As I got there, some guy's car was being towed from the parking lot...haha sucker. At the party, I had some drinks and was slightly buzzed partway into it. Margret also found her way there somewhere along the timeline. I made a few calls. We all danced a bit. The place got pretty crowded as the night wore on. Eventually, a fight broke out, and we all headed back to Loretta and Margret's place. We kicked it there until around 3:30AM or so. That was that..

Saturday....I think I woke up around 10 or 11AM, chatted online for a bit. Then, I went to Rite Aid, but before that I had received a package. It had arrived. Anyway, at Rite Aid, I got a hair cutting kit, which I'll have to be forced to use if I don't go home this weekend and get a haircut. What was cool was as I was leaving Rite Aid, I noticed a Chinese place behind there, so I went around to see what it's called, and lo and behold, there was a Round Table Pizza restaurant there!! Damn, I had no clue those restaurants even existed in Davis until that day. After that, it was around 2PM or something, as I made my way to Regan. I picked up Julia, Jennifer and Son, and we went to downtown to find a place for lunch. At first, we were gonna go to a Japanese place, but their lunch session was already closed. Then, we saw a Thai restaurant and decided to give that a try. The food there was pretty good. After food, we milled around downtown a little bit, then took Son and Jennifer back to the dorms. Ju and I then went to Borders where she got some magazines, then to Jamba Juice for some well..Jamba Juice, haha. Back at my place, the package, a nice shiny new 25" Nemo plush was unveiled, we started the laundry, got her hooked up to the internet, then started to study...a bit.. Then, the distractions took over. Julia went webcam crazy showing off Nemo to all her amigos and giving them a little voyeur show, haha. I, myself got my Bio study guide 2 completed and half of the 3rd one completed. During the night at some time, I got her to do a few sets of crunches since I was supposed to get to her. Around 10 or so, we went to Safeway and got ice cream and some other stuff. An hour or two later, Matt came back with some ppl with some Smirnoff and Bacardi Gold. I got us a little bit of the gold and some oj. We watched Good Times, Bed Times, and when that movie ended, we just pooped out and fell asleep.

The next day, we woke up at like 10:30AM. Ju showered and stuff. But since we didn't sleep till like 4:30AM or so, we ended up falling asleep again until 3:30PM. I made breakfast for her, Matt (who also woke up around that time), and I. Turkey and cheese omelette and sausages. Apparently, Matt was so f'in wasted that morning, he yacked straight up on his bed and didn't even know it until Willy pointed it out to him in the morning. Ju, as always, was AIM whorin away until around 6PM until finally deciding to leave, but not before another set or two of crunches. We dropped by Safeway on the way back. I picked up some Red Bull and Starbuck's Frapps. Nemo better come back home soon! since 4PM Sunday, I've been awake doing Bio stuff and a whole lot of Sociology stuff. A whole lot of Sociology stuff that I really didn't even need to freakin' do!! Argh. Stupid. So yeah, went to bio class..fell asleep mucho times because the entire lecture was about freakin sponges. Then, bathroom, then to Regan and slept on the floor for a good 30 minutes, which was fairly re-energizing. We then worked on Sociology some more thinking we had to do it and shit, but when we got to soc discussion we didn't do shit with what we did the entire time. F'in shit. Discussion was such a waste of time. I could have spent that time looking over my bio stuff. After that crap, I headed back and went to Loretta's and did the practice exam for Bio. I finished it pretty quick and did good on it, which was good for not studying much, hehe. Then, we took the bus out, took the test, then back home. When I was finally back home, I was only thinking about food. Jeff cooked dinner, so that was cool. Ate and now, I will look into Soc studying for the midterm tomorrow and possibly doing some stat homework. But before all that crap, I better take another short nap!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Where is the Love
It's crunch time...

The midterms and essays are going to be due some time within the next 2-3 weeks. Right now, I'm trying to get one of my essays out of the way, so I can start studying for midterms coming up tomorrow and next week.

As far as life is concerned...It's pretty pissed yesterday after getting a few facts straightened and confirmed.

In other news, I got AIMutation yesterday, and I'm loving it more than DeadAIM. A well-spent 4 dollar investment. It's like DeadAIM only better. =)

do you like me like I do?

Sunday, October 12, 2003

Another week has come and gone. What's in store for next week? Who knows, let's just take a glimpse of what I've been up to if you're bored enough to read... =)

I don't know where to start, so I'll just start with what I remember from Friday. I went to my classes that day, then wasted time until around 5PM when Willy and I departed for home. We stopped by Best Buy on the way there, where he got an HD, and I got some printer ink.

Back at home, I ate dinner, then at some point Julia, Corinne, and I went for some ColdStone and chilled in B&N until they actually kicked us out. I never imagined myself being kicked out of a freakin' book store, haha.

On to Saturday...I had some fairly interesting dreams, chatted online, ate lunch, then went out in search for something, but came up empty handed. =/ I did see Jhermaine and Nick at Target though. Haven't seen those guys in a while.

After that, I went home, then around 5PM I headed out to Joe's Crab Shack in SF for Gareth's and Julia S.' Bdays. The traffic was sooo bad. It took me more than an hour just to get there and find parking. I ended up parking in a parking garage and that ended up costing me 15 bux. What inflation! Just cause the freakin' parking is next to fisherman's wharf, bleh. Apparently Hooters was right where that parking lot is, so I got Julia the shirt she had always wanted. Then, I finally made my way to the crab shack and as I was entering there was like a dance going on of some sort haha. People who were present: JoEllen, Wendy, Greg, Gareth, Julia S,, Chris W., Peter, Joey, Trisha, Tom, Stephanie, and myself. The place is decorated extremely like Rainforest Cafe, but the employees there are more energetic since they start dancing with other ppl during their dance intervals. It was pretty cool. There was even a little girl all up on a table dancing like a stripper, lmao. It was funny, yet disturbing that she's doing that when she's so young. =X When we went outside, the fireworks started up like right in front of us a few minutes later. We headed over to the docks to get a better view, and we were able to see the fireworks being launched from the ground across the water. So that was pretty and all. I wish I was there with a significant other.. that would have been nice.. =/ Anyway, after that, we went over to Ghirardeli's (sp?) and just sat around there and the beach, cause the line for ice cream was way too long. Then, I took a few of them back to Berkeley and made my way home after that. And that's all for now, good nite.

Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Song of the moment: Luther Vandross - I'd Rather

Another early day. Well, I guess every day is fairly early for me since classes either start at 9AM or 10AM. Today, I actually went to Bio and Stat to their entirety for the first time since the first day time I had those two classes. When I got home, Jeff and I went to Wendy's and got salads! Damn, I'm so deprived of vegetables living on my own that I actually went to a hamburger fast food restaurant to get a freakin' salad, but not that Wendy's salads are bad, in fact, they have some of the best for a price of 4 bux. After eating my healthy lunch, I pretty much started working on stuff for two of my classes consistently with little to no distraction. That's a first... Oh well, back to work I go.

Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Chill Out Day
Today (yesterday now), I woke up fairly early in the morning for class, but I ended up not going and decided to just catch up on all my classes instead...

For breakfast, I cooked myself some eggs and sausage. It was good stuff! Then, I started doing a whole lot of reading while burning a few dvdrs at the same time. And also...who would have known that cd labels were fun to make?! Haha. Lunch rolled around eventually, so I refueled by eating the leftover spaghetti that we made the day before and continued my reading.

Around 2:20PM, I headed out, went to Julia's then off to discussion we went. Soc discussion went by pretty quick. I then showed her the Nemos and Dory that are on campus before heading back to the dorm. There I took a nap at her place for about an hour or so before heading out to Bio discussion. After that...back home, watched the rest of the A's game, and it was just disaster, *sigh*. I got myself a shrimp burrito from Dos Coyotes for dinner, did some more work, and now I'm just about ready to go to sleep.

Sunday, October 05, 2003

Past 2 Days
As soon as bio lecture was over, the weekend began...

Again, I didn't attend stat because the guy was going over more of the simpler stuff that I still remember pretty well (I think). So after class, I phoned Corinne who was already on her way to Davis when I was going to bio, and apparently she had already arrived. We met up at Indio where pretty much all of Skyline lives. At one point, Corinne went to the bathroom and a bunch of us were waiting outside, then out pops Julia in nothing but a towel, haha! *watches Julia's face turn red* She was surprised to see everyone there when she didn't expect anyone. Eventually, a few of us headed back to S. Davis, and we ate at Quiznos before going to visit my place. We chilled there for a while, then they went back, and I stayed.

I don't know what I did to kill the time from there, but around 8:45PM I headed out with Loretta, Jannie, Margret and her friends to Turbulence 2003 (some alcohol awareness school dance), which was held at the Rec Hall. Most of the beginning of the evening was watching the slow ass staff/crew set up the gym floor because they were behind schedule or what not. I found myself a new UCD tshirt! Anyway, I saw a few CV03 kids there...Susie and Lisa. After the gym floor was all set up, some cheap local rock band performed that was boring as heck. It was so boring that the mosh pit they had set up for ppl were just people standing around looking like idiots. :X Then, the DJs played the songs that the hip-hop dancers and spirit squad dancers performed to. The dance floor was then open for about 20 minutes before another stupid local band had to start playing a whole mess of songs. The crowd pretty much dispersed upstairs to the games/food/casino stuff. Eventually, the DJs finally started spinnin' their music, and the dance floor was open again. At first, I tried to get Julia to get dancing because she wasn't moving and was all lethargic. I know what was on your mind! (seriously and playfully) After a while with her (and trying to get rid of her stalker), I found the group I went with and danced there for a while until I felt the need to get a drink and chill. My back was killing me that day for some reason. = I think from there I just chilled with Julia on the seats. Then, she left with her friends to the Lambda house, and I just waited for the dance to end. They actually played a slow song for the last song, so I got up and joined the girl circle, then that broke up and Jannie and I danced. On the way back, Margret, Jannie, Loretta, Huy, Aljay and I went to IHOP, which was still open and packed. We were there till around 4AM. Back home, I showered, and amazingly Julia was actually online after going to the Lambda house, which was odd because she never did the 2 times before, tsk tsk. Anyway, we talked for a bit, then I went to sleep. And the sleep was good. I didn't wake up until 1PM. Oh yea, EZ had a party too, but I didn't find the time to make it, next time ez.

Now, it is Saturday. Loretta called to ask if I wanted to have dinner with them, and I gladly obliged. Around 2 or so, I headed out to Julia's and picked her and her laundry up (a process that took like an hour or so). We went to the pho place in town for lunch, since we were both hungry. Back at my place, we started doin our laundry, watched the A's game, she read sociology stuff, and chatted. At some point, I let Loretta and Jannie know that I won't be able to make it until around 7:30-8PM and that they can just eat without me if they wanted. They insisted that they'd wait, so cool. Then, a bit before even 7:30PM I got two calls at once, one on my cell and one on the house phone, so I'm like wtf... I dunno, I just kinda got annoyed from the fact that the house phone was in Willy's room, and I was in his way from doing his work, and they hung up the cell phone call and kept me on the house phone for a bit. I got the call back on my cell again after needing to literally yell (sorry I really got annoyed at that point) into the house phone to get them to call my cell instead. I then guess that we settled that I was going to go, but whatever I heard in the background...I just didn't know anymore. After a few more minutes, I decided that it wasn't worth the effort of dealing with whatever I'd have to deal with. Yeah, I might be difficult, but I also get pissed/annoyed at stuff too, I just don't express it as much. G'damn I just couldn't take it anymore. And it surely didn't help when the A's lost. That game was pure garbage. It was almost like the Raiders game 2 years ago against the Patriots. Well anyway, Julia stayed longer, good company, before we went to pick up her roommate's keys since she left hers locked in her room. Back to Julia's, then returned the keys, then Rite Aid, then dropped her off, then back home.

At home, I didn't feel like eating anymore till like 10PM. After eating, I showered, then around 11PM, Willy, Ryan and I watched The Italian Job. And that's about it for the past 2 days.

Saturday, October 04, 2003

SF Giants Eliminated
Doh, I just saw that the Giants got beat by the Wild Card team. I was hoping for a Bay Bridge Series, too. haha. I guess that won't happen now. Go A's!

Go A's!

Thursday, October 02, 2003


SQUEEZE PLAY! That bunt by Ramon Hernandez with bases loaded was freakin' PIMP! So badass! hahah. I better start reading now. The game caused me to delay my reading 2 hours later than expected! =/ But worthwhile to see that lovely win. =)

Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Don't Forget!
7PM - Go A's!!!
8PM - Go Kristin!! I Smallville on the WB!

(Read on)

I have 3 new posters now. I'll post some pics of it and their new location in my room some time. And for the non-registered, there's a nice treat for the registered users on the right blocks of the site, so you know... ;) Also, I recently purchased a DVD writer, so I can cross that sucker off my list of things to get. That brings me down about 240 bucks including 50 dvd-rs itself. I should probably find a job soon or something, haha. Other than those new things, life has just been life...hanging out with people, buying new things, reading, classes, etc, etc. A new poll is up since Smallville premieres tonight.

Do I really need a girl at this time?

Tuesday, September 30, 2003

It has been quite tiresome getting adjusted to the whole going to class deal. By now, I've been to all of my classes, and I feel pretty confident about every one of them right now...

Stat will basically be review of my AP Stat class back in high school. Anthropology and Biology are both dealing with genetics right now, so it's like I'm relearning the stuff every day. Sociology is a pretty interesting class, which definitely isn't as boring as Anthro is. So I've seen a few CV ppl so far this year. I bumped into Pam yesterday after a whole year of not seeing her last year. Then, I saw EZ, Alina, and Felicia a few times today. Oh btw, the new Outkast album is quite good. Get some GhettoMusick action going.

Saturday, September 27, 2003

After waking up from the dream and all, I went out. First, I ended up stopping by at the car wash at CVHS' junior lot cause I saw Kevin there.

I talked to him for a bit, then saw some people I haven't seen in a while like Christina and Manina and talked to them a bit before heading out to Oakland to pick up Julia. We went to Ikea and got some stuff. I, myself, got a trash can for my room. In line, I saw Erica there, and we greeted. She still looks as hot as she did back in HS, haha.

After Ikea, we ended up going to CPK for food after deciding for a while. Their Singapore Shrimp Roll was pretty good as well as the bbq chicken pizza we got. Then, we headed down to the retail shopping street. Julia pretty much got stuck in a shirt at Express. Her and her extra small sizes, sheesh. At some point, we neared Claire's, and she told a story about her being too afaid to get another set of ear piercings as I ever so slightly began crossing the street to go there. And with my great convincing she gave in. (No I did not block you from leaving the out the door. You didn't go near the door in the first place! haha)

We then went over to El Cerrito to see if there was some place that sold hangers,a nd we found that Bed, Bath & Beyond had some. After that, I took her home and went home myself.
Dreaming of You
I was dreaming and everything and didn't decide to wake up until it was already around 1PM. It seemed like it was the first time I've dreamed in a while, and I was sure it was sparked by what I was thinking the night before...

As I went to sleep last night, in my room at home, I couldn't help, but to remember all the great memories I had in my room just last spring. It was good happy times, despite whatever happened eventually that I still am not sure about. But what could I have done? Well, yeah, the memories led to a few dreams that brought things very happily back together. For once I was feeling like life was good and I had everything I wanted already, but alas I had to wake up back to reality. =/

Thursday, September 25, 2003

Internet-less Recap
I came back to my Davis apartment on Sunday, so what did I do until the DSL was finally up and running yesterday night? I'll try to recap that as far as my memory will take me...

Sunday - I got to Davis around 4PM, unpacked and got settled in. I think I then visited Kim and Jannie's place. At night, I got bored and ended up working on my hair, which you can find in the gallery.

Monday - I woke up really early. Let's say around 8:30AM. I was pretty sure no one else was up yet, so I just went downstairs and played some Xbox games to kill the time. At around 10AM, I boarded the bus and headed to campus to buy another book I needed for class. I then, chilled at the MU Games Area and played a bit of Initial D v2, before calling Julia. I ended up waking her up, oops..haha. So now, I've met another group of all her friends. We ate lunch, and did a bit of walking around to various places around campus. I've only seen one 03 CV kiddie on campus thus far. At one point, I even saw that one guy... Around 6 or so, I headed back home, and what I did, I forgot. Oh, I remember, I went over to Jannie and Kim's again and headed out with them and the rest of the CV kids and a few other additions to Arden Valley(Fair?) Mall in Sac. We got lost, and by the time we got there, there was only like 20 minutes left, so we just walked around quickly. After a few mishaps by the drivers we made our way to Elephant Bar for food/drinks/desserts. That's all for that night I suppose.

Tuesday - Tuesday...hmm, I think I spent most of today at the apartment just chillin. Jeff watched Twins Effect, and I just watched it on and off. Jannie and Loretta eventually came by to visit and left an unwanted present. Kids..sheesh. Later on in the night, Julia, Jennifer, and David took the bus and came to visit my place, chilled here for a while, then went to Safeway and took the bus back. After they left, I went home, and made dinner soon after. Then, I went over to a party at the Allegre complexes, and chilled at Loretta's place with everyone else when we left. I ended up going home around 3AM.

Wednesday - Wow, the DSL finally came in the afternoon! Jeff and I went to Fry's in the morning, and when we got back, I hooked up the DSL stuff, but it didn't work because things weren't set automatically. We had to manually configure stuff, and we didn't know what to put until we actually got in contact with a tech support guy. Stupid DSL. DSL sucks btw.

Welp, that's it for the recap. Today, I went to my two morning classes, which were Anthropology 1 (ANT1) and Sociology 2 (SOC2). Both classes seem like they won't be too difficult, but might require a bit of reading. =/ Arite that's all for now.

Wednesday, September 24, 2003

Still Internet-less
Hi kids, I'm not dead. I'm still here...

The past couple days here at Davis have been really hot. I'm reporting here from Loretta's since she has inet! yay for her. The dsl we ordered for my place still isn't here yet for some retarded reason, so I'm still without internet back at my place. Hopefully, the other guys can keep this place a bit more updated. It seems to be lacking *ahem*.

Man oh man are the Raiders having issues this year. I can't even begin to comment about their performance. Oh well, on a good note, the A's clinched the AL West Division title! =)

Arite, I'll have a full recap of events the past couple days when I do get back on the net. Until later.

Saturday, September 20, 2003

School Grows Near
Going back to Davis is definitely coming up soon, but not without spending another full day in the Bay Area...

I woke up at around 11AM today and went to Costco with my mom to see if there was anything I wanted to get. I ended up not getting anything cept a $1.50 polish dog and drink lunch from there.

Back at home, I got my Xbox fix before deciding to head out to the mall. At the mall, I browsed around and ended up making a purchase at Banana Republic. Then, I took a stroll into a store and well, the urge wasn't there. Haha. I guess I don't give a care anymore.

After the mall, I dropped by Jerry's then went home. About an hour later, Jerry, Kevin and I made our way out to Emery Bay to catch Underworld. You can check my review here. That's all for today.

Tomorrow, I'll probably wake up, have lunch with the parents, then head up to Davis. We'll see when I get back online after that.

Friday, September 19, 2003

Almost Time to Leave
It's home stretch before I make my way back up to Davis, California. As of right now, it doesn't sound too appealing with the heat wave coming in, but it'd be nice to just go back and get away from the boredom that is in the Bay Area currently.

However, today wasn't as boring as usual. I got a call from Jerry that woke me up asking to go to lunch with Willy who was down in Newark or something. We met him up at some dim sum place there and ate. Jerry went ahead and ordered some chicken feet stuff that he ended up eating on his own haha. The plates there were pretty cheap going at like 1.50 a plate or so. After that, we headed down to the Valley Fair mall, which was the first time I have been there. I must say that that is quite a nice mall. I got myself another dress shirt at Express Men. We basically wandered throughout the mall to kill time, then took Willy to see if he could pick up his car from the shop. It appeared that it wasn't ready, so we headed back home.

Right when I got home, I was out the door again to get a haircut and went home soon after. That's about it for the day. Now, I'm just killing time playing some Madden and some other games on the Xbox.

Monday, September 15, 2003

Berkeley Again
So yesterday (Sunday), I didn't do much during the day cept walking around the house, watching some football, and working out a little bit here and there. Around 8PM, Jerry, Nick and I rolled out toward Berkeley...

On the way there, we picked up Corinne and took her back to her dorms since it was on the way. After that, we parked and visited Flora. It was around 9 by then. We met some of her floormates, talked, and chilled there for a good hour. It was nice to see her again and knowing that she's doing well in her new environment. After that, we headed over to Carol's place for her housewarming party, but apparently everyone had already left by then cept for Kenny and a few other people. We got a tour of her place, met her housemates and chilled and talked there for a bit. A nice little place she got there. I think we left around 11:30PM and got home around midnight. That was pretty much it. Good night.

Saturday, September 13, 2003

No Duff
It was quite disappointing when we (Jerry, Hank, and I) made it to Philips place because we heard that the line for HIlary Duff personalization was already full...

Imagine that. A bunch of kids probably got there at like 8am and camped at the entrance of Marine World. The park didn't even open until 10AM, and it was already full at that time?! Damn, we just hella underestimated the little kids, hah. I mean heck, the signing didn't even take place until 1PM, and the weather was already pretty scorching hot.

Instead of that, we headed back south to an IHOP where we ate brunch. I got some savory steak stacker which was pretty good, and the rest got breakfast type meals. After food, we headed out to Dublin Regal and got there around 1:45PM, but with our luck today we got there disappointed again and ended up getting some Jamba Juice there. Eventually, we departed our own ways, and I went home where I took a nap in this hot weather. It took a while, but I managed for fall asleep till 6PM. So overall, today was pretty disappointing. Oh well, I guess I saved some money at least.
So Yesterday
Hey now, hey now
This is what dreams are made of

I remember I once had nice dreams and know what dreams are made of. Dreams are figments of your imagination and can come true. Dreams can also be goals that people want to meet in life. Dreams are always great. Then, when reality sets ahold of itself those dreams you see at night remain dreams and never come true, or those goals become too far fetched to don't even think about it anymore. It's another reason to why you have just be happy with what you already have. I was really happy with what I had, but I guess life just has to toy with you sometimes. Anywho, I must go see Hilary Duff now.

Friday, September 12, 2003

One More Week
Ahh, I'm back in CV, and I must say that it is quite hot here. I thought it was only Davis that was hot. This will pretty much be the last week of my summer vacation...

Yesterday, Willy and I went out to Sacramento and picked up the 32 or 36 inch Sony WEGA TV. Then, that night we watched 3 movies. It's quite nice to have that sucker there, but hopefully it won't be too much of a distraction to any of us during the school year. This morning, the digital cable was also installed, which doesn't make the distraction situation any better, but now we have tv channels! haha. Then, around 2:00PM, Willy and I made our way back to CV. If anyone wants to see me before I head back up to Davis, this is your last week to do so! =)

Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Haha, Willy and I cooked our first 'home-cooked meal' tonight after buying some groceries from Safeway. We made steak, cheese macaroni, and brocoli. Overall, it was a great and filling first home cooked meal made by ourselves.

Monday, September 08, 2003

Yesterday, I moved a few large things up to my Davis townhouse at around noon. After that, my parents, uncle and I went to eat lunch at the pho place in Davis. Then, we went to Phillip and Tim's place to pick up their gym set that Ken wanted. Back at home, we unloaded the gym stuff, and by then, it was about dinner time, so we all went out ot eat. Later on in the evening, I helped put that gym set back together, then moved pretty much the rest of my stuff up with Willy last night. I guess I did forget something though. I left my freakin' computer speakers at home. >=| Anyway, back at Davis, it was apparently poker night here, while I was up in my room getting everything unpacked. A couple pictures of the current room set up are posted if you're interested.

Saturday, September 06, 2003

Happy Birthday Chris W. & Willy
Hey, the group still seems to be together after a year of college and into the second year for most others. Today was a nice get together for the most part. Good food, great reminiscing, etc etc....

The day started out early when I woke up at around 9:30AM. The first thing I noticed on my computer was like 37 IM's from one person who couldn't sleep all night! Dayam girl, do you need some sleeping pills? Hah.

Anyway, I gave JoEllen a call, and I guess I kinda woke her up, heh, my bad! To kill some time, I played some SC2, then left for Berkeley at around 10:20AM, and there, I found parking after circling around for about 5 minutes. When, I got to Jo and Wendy's, I guess the girls had just woke up, and from there on the chatting and laughters commenced. The crepes and other foods weren't ready until around 12PM, but it was good. Thanks to everyone that put some effort into the meal, and Jo, Wendy, and Angelina for hosting. Although not everyone from the "tree group" was present, it was a great morning/afternoon of togetherness. We left around 3:30PM or so, and I drove, Chris W. and Chris P. back to attend Chris W.'s bday party at his home. Oh yeah, when I went to my car, this idiot tried to squeeze between my car and the car in front of me. There was quite a bit of space, but there was no meter for that space, so clearly it was not a parking spot, so the idiot keeps trying to go in and even rammed his back into the front of my car, and we watched him try to get in twice. What a loser. He's lucky my car's front bumper was already messed up, so I was sure there was no damage to my car, haha.

At Chris' the fun from the morning/afternoon continued through the night. I left around 10PM to go home and start actually packing the rest of my stuff to bring up to Davis tomorrow morning. Now, I have to decide whether I'll stay up at Davis for the week or just stay home for another weekend. I'm currently leaning more on the latter, but I'll see how it goes. Anyone want to go to Marine World this Saturday? ;)

Friday, September 05, 2003

What To Bring?!
Right now, I have a couple boxes in my room, and I'm wondering what the heck I can pack up. I figured it'd just be everything except my computer, since that can be packed on the day I leave. Sunday is coming up really quick! =/ On another note, I got my $70 rebate from Western Digital, haha. Yesss. It's always good to get money back.

Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Imply This

I went up to Davis today (Tuesday)! It was actually a great escape from everything in general. The boredom, the shadiness, the daggers in the heart, everything. (Get Jin's single Learn Chinese) The day began.... around 10:30AM. I packed up the things I decided to bring up with me, and I got to Davis around 12:30PM. By then, I was pretty hungry (oh fuck, what happened to my lessons on cooking?), so I went to Dos Coyotes and got myself a shrimp burrito, which I ate lonesomely. =( I guess that's something I can't escape from at the present moment. After lunch, I went to the MU and checked out the new arcades at the games area. Initial D version 2 was there as indicated by Gary and Willy at the beginning of their summer classes. I watched a couple people play a bit, then picked up Willy from class a bit after.

We went back to his current residence up at Serratoga West and moved some more stuff to our vehicles. Then, we just waited for time to pass by playing Soul Calibur 2 on the PS2 they had there. Now, I've played all 3 versions of the game, and I just have one word for the PS2 version...slow. Anyway, by 3:30PM we headed out to our townhouse down in South Davis, got our keys, and began moving stuff in. Two other of our housemates got there around the same time as well. And I forgot to mention how hot it was up there! Welp, by 4:15PM or so, Willy and I had to go to Kinko's. He had to fax some stuff to our DSL service provider, and I had to register for another class because I had my pass time at the time. I freakin' spent 40 cents to be on the internet for f'in TWO MINUTES! Bleh. So I added Anthropology 1 to make my schedule a little more filled. I hope that class is worthwhile. After that, we got some Jamba Juice to quench the thirsts, back to Willy's old place, then eventually to OfficeMax. There, I bought an office chair that was on sale AR. Back at the townhouse, which was across the street from OfficeMax, I started to move my stuff up to my room, then started assembling my desk and chair. At some point, Jeff finally came and started move in some stuff as well. Him, Willy, and I worked on our respective furnitures until around 9PM when we went out to In&Out for dinner. Soon after, Jeff and I left.

The drive back home was interesting. At one section of my drive back, the wind was blowing so hard that the car moved the direction the wind blew at it. I was thinking, wow, what an interesting way to die if they car went out of control. :P Then, on Crow Canyon Rd, I felt like I was playing a real life version of Intiail D. The truck that I passed up at the very beginning of the winding road kept tailing my ass, so I was just pissed and started doing some crazy shit on that road. At the straightaway stretch I just floored it and watch the trucks lights disappear, then I waited for the fucker to catch up. And on with taking the 30MPH turns at 50MPH and doing some braking work in the process. That mofo really wanted to tail my ass or something because he kept trying to get closer, but by the end I was already on my way up Cull Canyon, and the truck was 2 lights behind. What a dangerous thrill that was. Thank God for the safe return.

And what have I done? In the beginning, I was reassured there was nothing. And oh, there was something all right. I was supportive no matter what I thought, but again where did that lead me? How can all my trust be taken as a pile of trash and tossed away? Maybe I gave too much trust for my own good or maybe I just wasn't good enough. It will forever bewilder me because I simply don't even exist anymore. Why am I being lied to? Now that's shady.

Sunday, August 31, 2003

It's freakin'
Pyrospectacular! Or Not...
Yeah, so today was pretty awesome to the most part. Until, of course, when I got home and checked out some pages out of the blue for no reason, but found something that I'd rather not have seen, well at least not today, since it was grand. Perhaps, it was because two black crows crossed my path when I was at the mall's parking lot today. It was a sign that something bad was going to happen. So really, how did today unfold?

Ahh where do I start, oh, I woke up very early today (Saturday)! Around 10AM in fact, since I went to sleep a bit earlier than usual last night. At that time, only a few people were on, but I chatted a bit with them before proceeding to work on my Soul Calibur II game, where I unlocked another bunch of stuff.

After I got tired of that, I headed out to Target where I got 4 packs of miss priced Canon ink that I got for 3 bux a pop when the regular price is more around $13. I also got a 32 piece dinnerware set for $9. I felt really good about those purchases. =) After Target, I decided to head over to the mall, and like I said before, I was like practically surrounded by TWO black crows as I walked toward Stoneridge Mall from the parking lot. I was thinking, damn am I gonna see something I don't want to see at the mall or something? A couple walking together perhaps? I seriously had this bad feeling I was going to...=/ When I got in, I saw that 2 Raiderettes were outside Champs selling/signing the 2004 Raiderettes Calendar, so I was pondering whether to get it or wait. I decided that, I'd walk on it and went to other parts of the mall first. I ended up buying Soul Calibur II from EBGames like just for the hell of it. I really didn't even think, I just did it to have a sense of satisfaction for the sake of it being something good and worth my money and not something that'd cheat on me. It was probably the fastest I've ever been in and out of that store too. I strolled around the mall a bit and didn't see anything worthwhile to purchase, so I headed back to Champs and asked the "football's fabulous females" there if they were going to be there again tomorrow. I don't know if they thought I meant them specifically or any other Raiderettes, but they said no, so I just got it, and off I went back to CV to Nick's.

At Nick's, I watched the last inning of the Giants' game where they almost lost it, but held on for the victory. Nick and I then played Soul Calibur II on the GameCube, and I must say that I like the Xbox version much better. Link...well I think Link sucks in that game, haha. Sorry Zelda fans, but he should stay in his adventure games. I also can't help but notice that the character models take ages to load during the character selection screen. Lastly, the controller was really weird to play with, especially with the small dinky d-pad. The buttons were fine after adjusting to it, but a bit harder to pull off some of the moves that can be easily done on the Xbox version. Anyway, that was fun trying out a bunch of characters I didn't bother trying out yet. Spawn just kicks butt in that game.

At 5, I went home and got ready to go to the A's game. Jerry came by soon after, and we just made it onto the BART a split second before it was going to leave, whew! When we got there, we waited a bit, and apparently, everyone else had already gone in, so then we waited for someone to bring out tickets, and of all people, they sent Garrett when we both thought Philip was going to find us. So...the game. We were somewhere in the bird shit seats up in the upper deck behind 3rd base. The game was great, and it was a good thing I didn't miss much when I went to get some garlic fries which took nearly 3 or 4 innings of waiting in line. I was actually starting to get pissed off at how slow they made the stuff in the back. But yeah, I didn't miss much, and toward the end of the game it was fun to watch...well...except for the annoying ass kids who wouldn't shut up behind us. It was such a thank God when they left during the 8th inning. Oh, and I think the wave was actually successful for once since it went around the Coliseum about 10 times before it stopped. And the noise, wow, it was the first time I've heard it that loud. I guess having a 45000+ crowd gives it a little more energy, haha.

After the game of course was the Pyrospectacular display, and we all piled up on the field. It's so nice down there. I can actually call the grass "cool" haha. The fireworks were really nice and being up close makes it that much better. The sound is actually nice to hear too. The most interesting thing that happened was when they shot the machinegun-like fireworks that were set up on the super upper bleachers. One of the set ups on the right side fell or something and instead of shooting up at the sky, it shot straight at the upper bleachers were people were spectating and even down to the 1st base side of the field. I hope anyone that was hit are ok. It was pretty freaky when that happen, and a tad funny at the same time cause the next thing you hear was an announcement that was like "thanks for supporting the A's blahblah" ohh yeahh....while you shoot fire at them! Oh yeah, that day the A's pitchers struck out 11 people, so free Round Table and free 2-liter of Pepsi for everyone! That was great. In fact, we went to the CV Round Table after the fireworks, but they didn't accept the A's deal thing, only San Lorenzo and Hayward. =/ We decided to eat there anyway. It was fun times.

Then, back at home, I guess those 2 black crows decided to give me a lesser form of something I didn't want to see or find out about on my own. I just so happened to check a certain site and lo and behold, it's updated, and it readily confirms something that has been hidden from me in the shadows. Was I right or was I right? Heck, I may even be wrong of what I'm assuming, but how am I supposed to know when I never get clued in about anything anyway? I don't even know what to say. It's just like that 98 degrees song...cuz baby to you all I am is the invisible man. What does God have in store for me next? Who knows, probably something else to piss me off perhaps?

Saturday, August 30, 2003

Wow, yesterday was the first time I actually looked at some pics and realized how much I miss her. Heck, I even had a dream for the first time in a long time including her. But then, I still can't get past the idea of what did or didn't lead to the demise. I don't even know why. It's just like that eh? But really, I get that's it right? Life goes on? Hmm.

Song of the moment: Aaliyah - I Miss You"

Friday, August 29, 2003

Soul Calibur II
So I woke up and played about 2-3 hours of Soul Calibur II (Best version on Xbox as you can see from that link!), and I must say that it's the best 3D fighting game out right now. I've played the Japenese release before, but I wasn't able to play any of the other modes because I didn't know wth the Japanese instructions were telling me to do. The Xbox and GC versions of the game are clearly the better versions than the PS2 one. shows those versions as the best sellers. And in the end, unless you have fetish for Link, the Xbox version is easily the best version overall because of sharper visuals, support for Dolby Digital 5.1 sound, no slowdowns, and a controller reminiscent of the Dreamcast controller since the first Soul Calibur was on the Dreamcast only. Anyway, that was a fun few hours, Until later. Keep visiting, reading, clicking, and telling others to check out the site. Peace.

Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Past Few Days
The past few days have been pretty much the same every day, which was sleeping, eating, and a lot of sitting. A majority of people have all gone back to school already leaving barely anyone around to do anything or even to talk with online! It's starting to get so boring that I want to go back to school...well not school, but move into that townhouse I will be living in in a few weeks!

It's no wonder I've had time to put this site together with the help of PHP-Nuke. It's a nice piece of software, and I'm still finding out new things to do with it every day.

Anyway, today I was awaken at 9AM by Julia's phone call to tell me that she got her free armchair and mugs at Ikea. Lol, I seriously though she was joking when she told me last night that she was going to camp out for the free stuff. Apparently, she and a couple of her friends did just that and were one of the first 100 people in line to get those things at the new Ikea in Palo Alto, SF. Anyway, after that early wake up call, I went back to sleep for another 3 hours or so. When I woke up, I finished getting Twins Effect and by the time that finished, Loretta dropped by and wanted to watch it. She's so impatient, too! Anyway, we watched it,, and I thought it was better than I thought it would be. I'll be looking forward to seeing it again when my dvd copy arrives in the mail that I purchased from along with the BoA History dvd.

Tuesday, August 26, 2003 - Administration Menu

Links Galore
New world record set for mobile phone throwing - Hahah, they actually have an event for that. Poor Nokia's.
Delivering perfect pitch - Those popstars are cheaters. I wonder if they use that crap on American Idol.
12-year-old begins medical school - Heh, check out his luggage type backpack. it's pimp" v2.0 v2.0 is now online, go check it out.

Monday, August 25, 2003

New Blog URL
The new blog URL for 1.0 blog likeliness is 2.0 will go online soon. Until then, this new link will have all the latest posts.

Sunday, August 24, 2003 v2.0
Soon....very soon...
Uh oh!
It seems as though the unveiling of v2.0 is not far off! v2.0 will be exclusively different from my own blog that you still see here as v1.0, which will be relocated to a different URL address. Stay tuned for the updates! v2.0 will be loaded with more features and more community interactivity. =)

Saturday, August 23, 2003

Missing You
Today...hmm. I woke up around 1PM since I wasn't able to sleep until 5AM or so. I don't think I did much of anything since everyone was out. The only things I did do was work out a bit, some Madden 2004 and played some CS with Jher. Besides that stuff, I pretty much just sat around and walked around while doing a little thinking. What really did happen? I really don't know...never got a straight answer to that question. And now? It's like I don't even exist anymore. Anyway, later on in the evening, my family and I went out to dinner for Ken's bday somewhere out in Sunset. We got lost, then when we got to the restaurant, it was an hour wait. I read some magazines and talked to some people on the phone to kill the time. Hopefully tomorrow will prove to be more eventful because it sure as heck is getting boring around here.
Site Updates
Oh yeah, I actually put something up in the articles link. I'll probably pull whatever other significant posts I've ever had and put it up there also when I'm not feeling lazy to. The site will also probably go through some downtime as I look decide on a new web host.
Happy Birthday Ken

Thursday, August 21, 2003

I woke up early this morning...because of the noise..haha. Heck, I hear it right now still too! Anyway, I had to wake up somewhat early today either way to call the jury summons office again, and the stupid voice recording told me that my group wasn't needed, so that was nice, and I just went back to sleep. By noon, I wasn't able to bear the noise anymore, so I just got up, chatted a bit online, then went out to lunch at TK Noodles with Chester, Jerry and Matt. Chester, Matt, and I got the curry duck noodles thing, and Jerry got some fried noodle thing. After food, we dropped by Albertson's to get some ice cream, then went home. Back at home, I watched Blue Crush, which I thought was pretty good. That's all for now.
I Guess That's It
Yesterday, as in Wednesday, I woke up around 11AM because I couldn't stand the noise that had been ringing in my head the entire morning. It's like I was sleeping, but I could still hear it type of thing. It just got pretty annoying by 11AM I guess. After I ate a little bit, I went out to Ikea with my mom to check on some desks, but ended not getting anything. I even lost my mom at Ikea at one point when I was on the phone, haha. Then, I went home, played some games to kill some time, chatted online a bit, then headed out to get a haircut along with my brother. Thanks for the "jury duty call reminder," I called them as soon as I got home from the haircut.

I guess, I showered after that, drank some soup, and headed out to pick up Julia and her friend, Jan, out in Oakland. I got myself a bit lost in the beginning, but found my way eventually. We went to eat at Pasta Pomesomething in Emeryville where the AMC is. After the food, we headed out to Corinne's suite and waited for some people, then to Nancy's place and sat there some more. At one point, the room was entirely dark, haha. Sooner or later, we headed out to all the frats and hopped from one to another. The night ended when we were chilling outside on the street somewhere and something happened on the corner of the street. Someone had gotten the wind knocked out of him, and as he fell the sound of his head hitting the floor was apparent, then the poor guy started spazzing out like he was having a seizure. Soon after, the cops arrived, and we ourselves had dispersed from the scene and everyone basically just called it a night. I guess that's Berkeley for you. Crazy kids.

I allowed Julia to drive back which consisted of her dropping off Chris at his dorm, then Jan at home. Then before she dropped herself off, we decided to visit our old preschool and elementary school. Yeah, she didn't have a clue where our preschool was, so I had to direct her even when I haven't lived in Oakland for what...10 years or so haha. But hey, I got us there, and I must say that it's different! Then again, it was like nearly 15 years ago that we went there. Also, we went to our elementary school. It was fun driving by those places. Fun times fun times. I guess that's it. Good night.

Tuesday, August 19, 2003

What other images can I take and make a header out of?! Give me some ideas. Those ones up there are starting to get a tad old.
What Finding Nemo Character Are You?
You are DORY!
What Finding Nemo Character are You?

brought to you by Quizilla
What What
Damn, I actually can't wait to move in some time next month! It's getting so boring here that I'd rather be bored in Davis, haha.
Day Out In Berkeley
It has been a long day. First, I woke up at around noon and started to play some Diablo 2 for no apparent reason for about an hour. Then, I guess I ate lunch, and at some point my brother came back from his first few classes of the day. I went to Blockbuster to return an Xbox game and to cancel my game freedom pass. I just don't feel the need to pay them 20 bux a month anymore, and to the money into the new webhost that I will be getting later. (Which may be the reason for this site's downtime in the very near future.) After that, I headed out to pick up Julia.

From there, we went to Ikea to look for dorm/room stuff. She ended up with some box things and another item that she didn't end up getting. Poor fuzzy clock got left there. =\ We left Ikea, then went to the Public Market in Emery Bay for food, though I just ended up with a drink because I dunno. I felt hungry, but at the same time, I didn't feel like eating, so I just got the drink that happened to have tapioca in it, which I didn't expect, but I guess it was something to chew on, haha. After the food and chatting, we headed over to UCB to visit Corinne, and we ended up milling around a lot of Berkeley to visit all their other friends. Then, at some point at night, some of their other friends showed up. So yeah, I met a bunch of their friends, so that was really cool. I finally met that other Will, Corinne's Will that I teamed up with to gang up on her sometimes when we didn't even know one another, haha. At around 12:30AM, a few of us ended up going to eat, and the closest place that was still open was Fat Slice, so we got pizza there. And just as we thought we were going to call it a day, we went to visit another one of their friend. There was slight drama during this part because of some drunk people, but seriously everyone who's going to start college, don't let some shit get to you. It's college, start a new life and leave all that high school shit in the past. Anyway, around 1:15AM or so, I took people home, and once again, I got home from Oakland in less than 15 minutes, hah.

Monday, August 18, 2003

Sunday, August 17, 2003

It's Sunday!
Wow, community colleges start school tomorrow! Cal froshies are moving in as I type right now. The new school year is beginning to blossom already. =\ Anyway, let's go back in time a bit. Friday, I believe I just watched a bunch of movies and that was about it. Oh, I think I also played some basketball sometime in there too.

Yesterday, I worked on another Xbox until it pissed me off, and I quit for the day. Then, around 6:15PM or so, I departed and went to the "Hittin' The Stage" show out at Skyline in Oakland. The turnout wasn't great, but the performances were pretty good. It's just really rough to start out a business, but that's just how it goes. During the show, I just hung out with Julia and uh watching her purse whenever she decided to go see what's up backstage. After the show, we helped clean up a bit, then headed out with the rest of the crew for food. It was decided that we were going to go to the new Hooters out in SF, but that didn't happen because it was closed. In the end, we ended up going to some place called La Pinata in Alameda. So entrusting Julia, I let her drive the whole night. Other than parking in a non parking spot, going backwards when she wanted to go forward, driving with the handbrakes still on, and some other minor things, I thought she did really well once again. Anyway, at the restaurant, I got a grilled ham and cheese sandwich, and everyone basically just reminisced about the show. On the way out, Julia got a call from her friend to drop by his party, so we ended up going to that for a bit. It was...I dunno, I guess nothing that we expected haha, but we chilled there for a bit until Ms Julia herself got TIRED after saying she was hyped that the show was finally over, pfft. So we bounced, and she took herself back home with a few detours to show me some houses or something. When we got to her place, we just talked outside in the car for a bit about the good old Cleveland days. We had the same kindergarten teacher! How absurd! Anyway, then I headed home from Oakland's Merrit on ramp to CV's Redwood Rd. exit in a span of 10 minutes, haha.

Thursday, August 14, 2003

Hittin The Stage
Are you going to be bored this weekend? Go here and see if you are interested to see the show.
I guess the first step of my expected downtime has transitioned smoothly and did not cause my site to go down at all. The next step will be to change my web host. Downtime is 90% expected for that step.

Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Happy Birthday Chester

Tuesday, August 12, 2003

That's it, I'm going to have to blog about how much Xanga sucks and just because of one "current" reason. For the past couple days I haven't been able to load anyone's page that is on Xanga. What kind of piece of shit servers and connections do they have? Bleh. Here's how I rank the current crop of major blog journal services:
  1. Blogger - Super flexibility and the one that started the whole web blogging madness.
  2. LiveJournal - Nice and clean interface. Only allows invited LJ'ers, so server isn't bogged down by extraneous shit
  3. easyjournal - The newest blogging service I've seen. A pretty nice setup. It's still new, my opinion may change if anyone else other than one person I know that uses it. haha
  4. Xanga - I dunno about them. I believe they were the second major service to be available behind I never liked it. The user interface is pretty crap and not intuitive at all when they are aiming to make it easy for people to use. Basically, I've seen better setups. And their basic layouts? Bleh. Coupled with excessive downtimes and as well their current weeklong slowness recently makes them worst than ever. Not to mention, it has been excessively teeny-bopperised.
And don't get me wrong, I don't hate people that use it. I just hate their service. =)

Monday, August 11, 2003

RPC? System Shutting Down? 1 minute Countdown?
If you are having issues with your computer and just happen to come to my site for help, though I wouldn't know why you would be, but hey, I have the solution. It's a little exploited security hole in computers of Windows users called Remote Procedure Call buffer underrun. Go here and d/l the security fix if you are having this problem. Download the appropriate one for your operating system version. Install it, and it should be fixed. If you don't have enough time to do all that. Download it really quick somewhere. then if you need to reboot again let it reboot, but pull out your network cable that connects you to the internet before the system boots up completely, so you are not connected to the internet. Then run the security fix that you d/l'ed and it should install without anything popping up to reboot your system. After it is done, reboot again, and reapply your network cables.
The Days Go By, And I Still Think Of You
I've been pretty much doing nothing at all. Today, I went through some major file transfering and playing some games on the Xbox. Then, later on at night, a few of us watched Bulletproof Monk, and I must say that Chow Yun Fat's English is quite good now. After that, people went home, and we played a few scrims of CS. Now, I'm just wasting away more time before going to sleep.

Sunday, August 10, 2003

Chester's BBQ
Here's the short and sweet version of yesterday's happenings. In the morning, I didn't do much. In the afternoon, I went to Willy's to get some movies and stuff from him, then I went to the Lu household where surgery was being performed on Kevin's Xbox. Let's just say it didn't go so well. By 6PM, we went up to Chester's place for his bday bbq. We ate, and ate, then some went out to get some free Haagen Daz ice cream. They ended up getting like 12 boxes of free Haagen Daz bars, haha. In the meantime, Kevin and I went back to his place to mess with the Xbox some more. It ended up being f'ed up somewhere, so then we went back to Chester's for the cake cutting ceremonies. I then got my Xbox out, and we played some games and watched some videos and movies untill like 4AM in the morning before going home. I didn't end up sleeping until 5AM this morning, but I woke up at 11AM for some reason. =/

Saturday, August 09, 2003

I had quite a few bad dreams going on this morning before I woke up. =/

Site Update: I just wanted to mention that my site will probably be shaky this coming month for a bit, so be forewarned if the site doesn't respond.
fob squad comics
My friend, Wayne of fob squad prime and also the 1999 StarCraft and StarCraft: Brood War champion has his latest comic up on Check it out here.
Here's a August 8 recap. In the morning, I don't remember what I did exactly, but in the afternoon, a few of us met up at Jerry's. Chester and Nick went to CSUH to do some business, and Jerry and I went to Fry's to pick up WarCraft III: The Frozen Throne for $24. After that, we went back to Jerry's and watched the A's game for a bit, then we headed out to Emeryville. We ate dinner at Rubios then went over to the UA Emery Bay theater where Gerald and Tom eventually joined us. We saw S.W.A.T., and personally, I thought it was a fun film to see since I've always liked a SWAT type movie. HK films have a lot of those. After the movie, it was around 11:30PM when we got back to CV. We went to Albertson's where we used some free haagen daz coupons to get some free ice cream. Five of us just lined up at the one open register that night, and we all walked out with ice cream without paying a single penny. How convenient. =) Then, we went home and played 3 maps worth of inter-clan CS.

Wednesday, August 06, 2003

Yess, there's a picture there now. I finally got off my lazy butt and did it for someone who requested it. There it is! =)

In other news, Arnold Schwarzenegger is running for Cali. Governor! I guess it's time to vote for the first time since I turned 18. lol
Day 2 (Aug 2) - camping
On this day, we were supposed to go rafting once again, but most everyone were too tired from the first day and didn't want to go. It was decided that we try to cancel our reservations of the 2nd day's equipment. A few people got up early in the morning to return the equipment from the previous day and to cancel our reserved equipment. Luckily, they let us do it and didn't charge us anything for cancelling late.

Everyone else woke up later around 10:20AM to get ready and check out. Jerry, Rob, Eric, and I went down for the free buffet breakfast they had. It reminded me of UCD's DC breakfast with the waffle maker, Minute Maid machine and all that other stuff. By 11:30AM, we were all checked out, packed up, and ready to go on the road again.

The drive there was pretty long, and we even took a few wrong turns here and there. I also saw a bunch of skydivers up in the sky, and it was like right next to the freeway. What if some newb couldn't control where he was going and landed in the freeway? haha, sheesh. On the way to the campsite, we also had to make a pitstop for Jerry who went the "Extra Mile" to take a crap (look at pic to see what I mean). Around 1:30PM we finally got to the campsite, which apparently was only for 8 people, and we had 10. Jerry ducked away in the back, and the people let us slide with "9" people.

At the campsite, we unloaded the stuff from the vehicles and work on putting up the tents began soon after. Then, the grill was set up for lunch bbq. Poor lizard. Basically throughout the rest of the afternoon, we cooked, ate, talked about random things, visited the lake, rested, napped, and talked some more. When dinner time rolled around, we started up the fire again, cooked, ate, and reminisced about high school stuff and generally the past. after like 10PM, we were probably the only campsite that was still awake and alive as all the other sites were pitch black and dead silent. We went on till nearly 2:30AM before sleeping, but before that we made a small bonfire, drank, chilled for a bit as we watched the flames and absorbed the nice heat it was producing.

Day 3 (Aug 3) - going home
Gerald, Nick, and I all woke up pretty early in the morning around 8AM. They woke up early because they were stuck with Jerry in the small tent. I woke up because I was right next to where the sun struck the side of the tent, so I felt way too hot to be sleeping. By 9:30AM or 10AM, everyone else was awake, so we took a group pic, then the cleanup process commenced. We finished cleaning up and packing up by 11:30AM, left, and dropped by BK for lunch. I got myself a fish sandwich, since I can't stand BK's meat burgers. After lunch, it was pretty much a drive back down to Davis to drop off Willy. We stayed at his place for a bit before heading back home ourselves. The temporary room in apartment he is staying at was approximately how big my room is going to be this September, and I must say it's pretty freakin' big. =) I can stick a queen sized bed up in there and still have plenty of space for many other things, hehe. We got back to CV around 4PM or so.

Monday, August 04, 2003

Day 1 (Aug 1) - rafting
I woke up and browsed the web a bit before loading what I had packed into the car.

I arrived at Chester's house at the same time Tom got to his place. Chester, in the meantime, was apparently still sleeping, so we were just standing around outside and waited for the rest of the people to show up. Eventually, the others all showed up, and we finally got Chester to wake up soon after. At this point, we started loading up Gerald's van and Tom's car with the equipment, duffles, sleeping bags, etc. During this process, there was much opinionated shit that just caused us to take longer than we had to.

Around this time, we headed out on our way to Davis to pick up Willy who had gone to Davis the previous day. When we got near Concord, it was decided that one of the chairs on top of the van's roof was not secure, so we met another delay as a few people worked on resecuring the chairs. In the meantime, the van occupants, Gerald, Jerry, Nick, Rob, and myself went over to Starbucks for the bathroom and picked up a drink from there. By this time, I was running off a can of Red Bull and a hot white chocolate mocha. Then, we went into the Walgreens next door where Gerald broke his $100 with a 35 cent item. I got myself 2 more energy drinks I haven't seen before to add to my collection.

We got back on the road toward Davis and soon enough we got there. People were basically napping most of the way there. The weather up at Davis was obviously quite hot. After picking Willy up, we went to McDonald's just in time to still be able to get breakfast items from the menu. We ordered our stuff, ate, chilled a bit, then went to Albertson's to buy some stuff.

By now, we rolled out toward our rafting rentals place. We arrived sometime around noon, paid for the stuff, then went out to the back to get the equipment. When we got there and saw the stuff we had to take, we all knew there were going to be issues because our vehicles were already all packed up to the fullest already. First, we moved the stuff out to the parking lot. Then, it was decided that we call up the place we were going to stay at if we could check in earlier or drop off some things first. They told us we can drop off some stuff, but luckily when we got there, our room was ready, so we unloaded everything into our room at AmeriSuites. Meanwhile, Nick and Eric were watching the stuff back at the rental place where the manager was talking crap to them or something. When we got back there, the manager was basically lecturing us and his bottom line was "no dicking around anymore" because we were apparently running late. He even offered us a full refund, but whatever, we just took the shit and went.

The drive to the part of the American River we wanted to go to was fairly long, and we did quite a few turnabouts since we couldn't find our destination. At some point, we found the middle of the south fork of the river and unloaded the rafting stuff there since we couldn't find the beginning and wanted to just get out onto the water. Gerald and Tom took a car down to the take-out point which was about 10 miles away while the rest of us worked on pumping up the rafts and getting it together. This was the location that some of us started just taking leaks just out in the middle of nowhere, haha. Some of us took lunch breaks, and we just chilled there as we waited for the two drivers to return.

As soon as they got back, we got the rafts out onto the water because we were running low on time. Frankly speaking, we didn't want to end up still on the river when the sun was gone, and it'd be dark as hell. Firstly, the rafts were divided up by which car we rode in even when I suggested that Chester and Willy be split up since they were the only ones that have ever gone rafting before. Heck, we were on a section of the river that goes up to level 3+ with 6 being the highest. But alas, it just started with the car assignments, so it was Gerald, Rob, Nick, Jerry and me on one raft and Chester, Tom, Kevin, Eric, Willy on the other one. My raft went off first, then we waited for the other guys to catch up, but I guess that wasn't a good idea because we never got back near them at all. Anyway, on the second rapid, I thought that that was going to be the toughest rapid we'd be doing all day, but I was easily wrong. We tried to catch up most of the time, but with Jerry's lack of paddling abilities the raft would always turn the wrong way. We even ended up in this small whirlpool that spun us for a good minute because we couldn't get out of there. Eventually, our raft got pretty tore up (well not broken or anything, but there was a small hole on one side leaking air) from running into rocks after rocks causing the air to be forced out faster than it should be. We were probably also the first ones to get stuck in shallow waters, and Nick jumped out to push the raft back into the current. The other raft then waited for us, took some pics, then we looked for a beach to anchor at. We repumped the raft I was in, and we had a few swap of players. We sent Jerry and Nick to the other boat for Kevin and Willy. With the swap, we were now the raft that was ahead the majority of the time. It was a good thing that we switched up the lineups, too since we were heading into the area of the river where everything was level 3 or 3+. However, before we hit those white rapids, on one of the rapids, we saw that we were heading straight for a rock, and all of us just stared at it knowing that we weren't going to move away from it, so we just braced for impact. When we hit the rock, we were all jolted forward, and the next thing we know, we saw Kevin flying out of the end of the boat and into the current. He probably drifted a good 5-10 feet before grabbing onto a rock. Meanwhile, we were seriously stuck on the rock, and did our best to get off of it as quickly as possible. The good thing was that the other raft was behind us, so when they caught up, we yelled out to them to go help Kevin, but they were just looking at us funny like we were joking, haha. When they saw Kevin's head popping out of the water, they all paddled up and went in for the rescue as my raft was continuing to get off the rock. Soon enough, the rescue was made, and all that was lost were Kevin's glasses. He ended up pretty much blind for the the rest of the trip. So after that little carnage we had, we headed into the level 3+ rapids. These rapids were nothing like the ones from the beginning of our trek down the river. These rapids were producing white water! On one stretch of the river, which is called "Satan's Cesspool" the rapids were pretty much endless. We were paddling like madmen to avoid the rocks pretty much the entire way through it. Also, the water was freezingly cold, and it was a good thing that certain calm areas of the river were really warm. Soon after those rapids, we hit what is called "Deadman's Drop," and I must say that that drop was at least 5 feet to me. When our raft went down that thing, we were all holding on to dear life! When I looked up during the drop, it seemed as if the water had covered us up, and I totally thought we were all underwater. However, we popped out of the water and were still all on board. Up on the hill it also said it was the "Hot Shot," which I guess is where people take pics of rafters going down that rapid. That rapid was easily the most heartpounding rapid of all the ones we went through. Everyone was like screaming during it and after it in joy that we were still alive, hahaha. After that drop and the one after it, we waited a good 10 minutes for the other raft to catch up. Apparently, they had run into quite a few obstacles on their way. We took the rest of the trip within viewing distance of one another. Then we saw a bouy that said "raft take-out soon," so we all thought it was going to be done soon, and we can finally relax, but instead we had to paddle nearly a mile or two before reaching our destination. All of us were seriously too tired to be paddling anymore, but we had to because the water was super calm that entire distance from the bouy to the end. It was easily the most boring and tiresome part of the entire 10 miles of river we covered.

We hit the take-out point of the river and packed up as Tom and Gerald went to get the vehicles. Within 30 minutes of packing up, the river was literally pitch black. We were really lucky to get back just on time. The river and surrounding area was basically black, and we would have been pretty much screwed if we were still in the rapid sections. Haha, then I guess all of us basically had our tops off because our shirts were all wet, and a car passing by with a chick in it got all horny and screamed out at us or something lol. After packing, we headed back to the suite. During the drive back, we saw GCC (and if you don't know what that is, don't ask :P) right along Highway 50.

In the suite, we all took quick rinsing showers, changed, got our money, then went to Baker's Square for dinner. I shared a boneless buffalo wing appetizer with Jerry and ordered a Steak and Shrimp meal for my entree. It was good food and great laughs as we reminisced through the night.

Showers were taken again and distribution of drinks commenced. Everyone gathered for the first shot of the Bacardi Gold. After that, we just chilled and those who wanted more got more and those who stopped stopped. Eric was probably the first one to sleep and sleep he did because he was unwakeable at all. Nick was going crazy. Chester was getting full off OJ. Rob was asleep since he was still sick. At some point during the night, girls from another room called, and Jerry picked up. He tried to get them to hang out and waited on them for a bit, but before anyone else cared, our room was asleep by around 3:30AM. And I guess that's it for that day. I'll write about the following 2 days next. Those will probably be quicker to write.

Sunday, August 03, 2003

I'm Back
A full blog of the weekend will be up when I feel like typing it out. Until then, I must rest up. Call if you wish.

Friday, August 01, 2003

I'll be rafting/camping for the weekend. Yohoho!

Thursday, July 31, 2003

Aches and Pains
Damn foo, I swam like 26 laps today with Chester, Willy and Nick who all did more laps than I did. I guess it showed that they really have been swimming almost every day this week to be achieving that. I was pretty beat after the first 8, but I kept going. By the time we were done, my entire body was aching, but it felt good. When I got home, I ate dinner, showered, then I lied in bed. I ended up falling asleep and woke up about an hour or two later feeling sooo drowsy I was about to just sleep for the rest of the night, but I forced myself to wake up and managed to stay awake. It's now 3AM. I probably should really go get some rest now. I'll see tomorrow if I'll have the energy for a work out. Good nite kids.